Natural Leather Tanning
Natural Leather Tanning


The processing of hides and skins is one of the oldest known crafts and cultural techniques. Today, tanning is done primarily with chemicals, but traditional tanning was done with fat, smoke, and plant extracts to make the hides durable and soft. ...

Leather Art
Leather Art


Learn one-of-a-kind methods for adding artistic punch to your creations. Through 18 projects with step-by-step instructions, leather artist and gallerist Cathy Wiggins teaches you how to create beautiful and functional art by molding and sculpting leather. Although intermediate-level leather crafters...

Leather Sewing


Leatherworking is a craft that is becoming more and more popular and is a hobby that you can get started without making any big expenditure or investment. Besides, it is fun! You can make unique, durable, and sustainable leather products in...

Leathercrafting DIY


Featuring hundreds of very clear step-by-step photos, these projects give beginner and intermediate-level crafters everything needed to make contemporary, stylish leather items. First up are 23 projects based on simple structures, then 9 more based on intermediate structures, arranged in...

A Guide to Making Leather Belts with 12 Complete Projects


Leather expert Nigel Armitage presents an easy-to-follow guide to the skills and techniques required to make high-quality leather belts.   For leather crafters of all levels and anyone interested in crafting their own leather belts. Belts are underestimated as simple and...



Offers a learning resource and projects for leathercrafters who believe that high quality matters! In this modern age of technology and speed, what is taught in master crafter Nigel Armitage's renowned workshop follows a very traditional and timeless theme. Here,...

Little Delights in Leather


Learn to make leather creations that you and your family and friends will love to use. From a cuff bracelet to mittens, a protective tablet case, or a smartphone case with a secret pocket to hold a credit card, all projects radiate...

Practical Leatherwork


Leather is a strong and versatile material, and indispensable when you’re working, hunting, or exploring outdoors. Hunter and outdoor professional Carsten Bothe offers the ultimate beginner’s guide for this useful hobby. These photo-rich, step-by-step instructions prove that anyone can learn...

Tanned Leather Hand-Made Bags


Make 40 leather bags and miscellaneous goods with very simple, clear-cut instructions! What makes this book special is that it has patterns with stitch marks at the end of the book. Leather is usually sewn after piercing holes for stitching,...

Quilted Leather


Using her award-winning art, Cathy Wiggins takes you step by step through the fundamentals of creating with leather on any sewing machine. Whether you work mainly in leather or in cloth, these helpful new techniques give you new direction for...

The Art of Leather Inlay and Overlay


More than 470 color photos bring in-depth detail to this comprehensive look at the almost forgotten decorative art of leather inlay and overlay. Leather is an often-overlooked textile, with very little documentation on its tools and techniques; this guide fills...

Whips of the West


From homemade horsewhips to fancy carriage whips, braided leather straps have worked to move our country (and our livestock) forward. Author , in his new book, Whips of the West, An Illustrated History of American Whipmaking, shows how whipmaking and...

Whips and Whipmaking


Whipmaking is the highest refinement of the art of leather braiding. This revised edition introduces another major category of whips—those made in the Mongol tradition. Braiding details are shown in an extensive selection of photographs that also serve to document...

Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding


The Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding is the definitive work on the subject and results from the late Bruce Grant’s many years of interest and experience as a braider and writer on the subject. It combines most of the...

Leather Braiding


For over four decades, Leather Braiding has reigned as the authoritative book in its realm. Grant’s meticulously crafted manual unveils the intricate world of leather braiding with unparalleled clarity, offering an abundance of richly detailed illustrations, meticulous step-by-step instructions, and...

Braiding Fine Leather


In this book, David Morgan, the expert who made the whips for the Indiana Jones movies, shows how to braid simple projects quickly. With close attention to detail and a little practice using the methods described here, novices can produce...

How to Make Whips


Ron Edwards was born in Australia in 1930 and brought up in the country where small farmers still plowed with horses and harvested their half acres with sickles and scythes, and larger properties relied on the annual visit of the...

How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear


Written by a man who made a lifelong study of leather craft and rawhide work, How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear is the answer to many requests for how-to-do-it information from cowboys, horsemen in “show†business, dude ranchers, and many...

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