Email your proposal  to


Please include the following information:


Street Address (please include the street address for use by UPS or FedEx)          



Zip Code            

Home Phone    

Cell Phone         

Work Phone      


Proposed title  

A brief description of your book, and its key features. (Think of this as an “elevator pitch” -- how you'd describe the project in 30 seconds.)

Why are you writing it?               

What is your background in the field?  

Why did you choose to submit your project to Schiffer?               

Table of contents (conveying the organization of your book).    

Two sample chapters from the middle of the book (not the first two chapters). Include one sample project (if applicable).                

Other writing sample (from any books or articles you have previously written).

Images: number and type you plan to include.

What existing books are similar to your own, and in what ways is your book better?     

What existing books would be good companions to yours, and why?     

What are the demographics of your target audiences?

Where do you see your book selling, beyond Amazon and bookstores?


Please answer the following questions if your project is a monograph (a book about a single artist):


Is this the first book on the artist? If yes, why have no books been published previously?

Please quantify how large/broad the artist's following is. (For instance, the number of articles published on the artist in the past 10 years, attendance numbers at recent solo gallery exhibits, and number of Facebook or Twitter followers.)

Is the artist most widely known / recognized in a particular geographic region?

If you are submitting a proposal for our Schiffer Kids imprint, we also ask that you include a storyboard, sketches, and at least one completed illustration or spread depicting the main character(s) to help us visualize the project.

If there is interest in your proposal, we will contact you to discuss the project with you further. Please note that due to the volume of submissions received, it may take up to 12 weeks for us to contact you.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.


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