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It’s a tremendous job to edit a workbook like this, and I appreciate the time-consuming detail it took. In particular, I feel fortunate that [my editor] was personally engaged with the topic, and I loved her side comments about my work as she edited the manuscript.

Karen Fox,�a��N��'!�Ũ�F�

George Pan Kouloukis,�a��Rw^��Z�ا��^=�mz���(���}

• I received today the first copy of my book. As expected, it is excellent! I must thank you from the depths of my heart, for your assistance in bringing the book out. Without you, maybe I would not have realized such a satisfaction to see my book exhibited in the U.S. bookstores and all over the world.

My deck looks amazing and so very timely with things happening in our world!

Beth Seilonen,�a���v&�M��



Steven Bright’s Spirit Within Tarot has reduced tarot cards to their essence, polishing the images to pure silhouettes. Thus, their reading is immediate and easy to grasp. The Spirit Within the Shadows Tarot is powerful and suggestive. Every card is like a two dimensional world waiting to be discovered”

Andrea Aste, ����ڝ�.�+���x�,�*z��j�-����^u���'���

With a masterful balance of wit and wisdom, the “White Witch Tarot, A Psychodrama Game,” lovingly created by Maja D’Aoust, is a deck of true beauty, intrigue and playful poetic riddles to challenge the status quo. In both verse and art, Maja helps you to envision and co-create your own reality by inspiring resolutions, a deeper soul connection, accessing projections of incarnations, all while revealing powerful truths and our own magnificence.

Aiden Chase,�z��t���+b�

I love everything and it looks perfect!! Great work!

Maja d'aust,�a����ج��ֆ+^Z+\�6��
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