What’s Your Call Sign?

What’s Your Call Sign?

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  • Feb, 27 , 23

What’s Your Call Sign? is an unusually humorous upcoming title from the Schiffer Military imprint. Author Ben Taggart, a Marine Corps helicopter pilot, has compiled a huge collection of call sign stories, which are paired in the book with his outstanding original photography. I’m sure you are curious, so here are a few sample call signs:


MIAMI: There was an F-35 pilot with some serious issues. He had no time for your issues, whatever they may be, because he was dealing with, like, his own problems, man! Some genius came up with MIAMI for My Issues Are More Important.


Annie: A Navy MH-60S pilot grew up an orphan and was passed from foster home to foster home. He made good, though, went to college, commissioned in the Navy, and became a pilot. One day while on deployment he got into an argument over an ethical issue with his roommate on the ship. The argument was pretty heated, whatever it was about. At one point the foster kid who made good responded to his roommate’s argument by yelling, “That’s not how I was raised!,” to which his roommate responded with “What, without parents?!” A low blow to be sure. They made up and stayed friends, but the foster kid got a new call sign. He was the little orphan “Annie.”


SARA: When an MH-60S pilot launches a Hellfire missile, they announce on the radio, “Actual rifle away.” When doing this for training purposes, the aircrew will usually do a dry run to familiarize themselves with the range and rehearse the procedures for launching the missile. During one such dry run, the pilot at the controls accidentally fired his Hellfire missile instead of just going through the motions. As the missile left the rail and he startlingly realized his mistake, he yelled over the radio “S--t! Actual rifle away!” (SARA).


What’s Your Call Sign? is available for preorder now, with orders shipping by the end of April. If you don’t mind bad language and lots of sex and bathroom humor, I think you will find the book a hilarious insight into the world of naval aviation.

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