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…to Honor our Love Relationships

The Enchanted Love Tarot: The Lover’s Guide to Dating, Mating, and Relating
by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

Whether you love the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day or hate it, having a day set aside for the celebration of love relationships is nothing new. Many historians suggest this tradition has its roots in the ancient Roman festival called “Lupercalia” celebrated between February 13-15, a revelry of fertility rites that officially started Rome’s springtime. Eventually, the Catholic church used the compassionate stories of their Saint Valentine to reshape the Roman festival into a Christian holiday to remember St. Valentine. Gradually, the word “Valentine” became synonymous with expressing feelings to those we love.

In honor of love relationships, Red Feather has asked best-selling authors (and long-time married partners) Monte Farber and Amy Zerner to write a “couple” of posts about love. Today is the first installment as our regular weekly blog post, and tomorrow on Valentine’s Day we will be posting a special second blog post about love written especially for this passionate day entitled: The ABCs of True Love. For our first post, however, Amy and Monte have chosen to focus on the practical. Beginning with–


by Monte Farber & Amy Zerner, authors of Red Feather’s The Enchanted Love Tarot and the soon-to-be-released The Creativity Oracle: Visions of Enchantment to Guide & Inspire Magic Makers.

Spells, rituals, and enchantments can help us to remember that we are part of the rhythms and cycles of Nature. One of the primary functions of ritual is to build a spiritual connection in our daily lives. They can help us to reinforce our desires and strengthen our intent as we work to materialize those desires. Rituals can help us to remember that we are part of the rhythms and cycles of Nature.

You should not be concerned if you cannot do the ritual exactly as it is written. Go ahead and design your own rituals.

The following are some love spells from our ENCHANTED LOVE TAROT (RedFeather July 2019).

These rituals call for the use of commonly available items, but if you would prefer to use something else, you can. It is another way of acknowledging that you have the power to design your life and your way of connecting to what you hold sacred.

You may want to create a personal altar in your home composed of meaningful symbols, flowers, stones, pictures, books, etc. Place images of yourself, tarot cards, amulets, talismans, colors, scents, and anything else you feel evokes the empowerment that you need at a particular time.

Ritual is a way of both reminding ourselves of our immense capabilities and of calling them into being for our use.

Please Note: Always remember to make safety a priority when you perform any ritual, either outdoors or in an enclosed space. Always use stable, fireproof candle holders and/or incense holders. Exercise caution and common sense with the use of scissors, matches and all the other means described in the following rituals.


As you take a shower or bath, meditate upon your intention for self-empowerment. Allow yourself to feel your inner strength and beauty. Let go of the critic’s voice that you have no need of. Visualize all of the negativity that you carry with you washing away, down the drain. After you are finished, when you dry yourself off, look into a mirror and imagine a glowing white light all around you. Say the following words to yourself:

“I feel my beauty.

And my inner strength.

I will allow my love, light,

And laughter to empower me

And those around me.”


Write the person you are interested in a sincere letter. Sprinkle the paper with a beautiful perfume, then draw your fingernails down the paper in wavy “snake lines” to mark it. Write their name on an envelope, and put the letter inside.

Next, hold the letter to your heart and formulate your specific desire in your mind’s eye. Focus your inner will upon achieving the result you wish to accomplish. Accept that as you asked, so shall it be done. Place the letter under your pillow for three nights, then bury or burn it in a safe place.


Pick a small bunch of petals off some of some white flowers. Fill a beautiful bowl half full with water. Sprinkle the petals on the water as you say:

“Truth and Beauty,

Blessed be,

Remove from this water

all hostility.

Flowers of Love,

Blessed be,

Bring to my mind

Peace and tranquility.”

Allow the petals to float freely on the surface of the water.

Put the bowl in front of you and allow your thoughts to float as lightly as the petals. Imagine the water being charged with positive energy from the beauty of the flowers and the love of the universe.


Bathe in water scented with rose oil or perfume. Allow the stresses of the day to float away, and when you are done, to escape down the drain. Apply lotion all over your body, increasing circulation. Dress in red. Wear jewelry with red stones. Carve the nature of your desire for a new love, in your own words, on a red candle with a needle. Speak your wish aloud and feel your desire for a new love, calling upon the deity of your choice and watching the candle flame. Visualize a red color glowing vividly all around your body. Feel your heart open. Blow out the candle.


Find a quartz crystal. Place it before you, along with a glass of water. Allow yourself to relax and feel peaceful. When you are relaxed, think about the quarrel say.

“The time is now

For this fight to end.

Let hurt be healed

And begin to mend.”

Repeat this until you can feel much of the hurt about the argument floating away. Wash off the quartz crystal. Pour the water down the drain. If you feel yourself getting angry, repeat the spell.



Hold a hand mirror and light a candle. Look into the mirror and study your face. Think about your best qualities, inside and out. Say the following chant:

“Mirror of mystery, beauty, and light,

Bring my true spirit into sight!

May I become better inside and out-

I accept my power, without a doubt!”

Study yourself in the mirror once more.

Focus only on your good qualities and tell yourself how beautiful you are.


Find a fresh pink rose and put it in a vase with water. Take a pink candle and mark three hearts on it, for your body, mind, and spirit. Place it in a holder, and light it.


“I pray to receive

 A love who is true.

Open the door

That I may meet

Someone new.”

Think about being open to receiving love. Then repeat the chant.


Write your wish on a piece of paper. Fold the paper in half, then half again. Draw an open eye inside of a heart on the outside of the folded page. Place the folded paper under your pillow and before bed repeat as follows:

“With an open heart, I seek to see

What my future holds for me.

Be it good or be it ill

Reveal my wish – that is my will.”

Upon awakening, let your mind’s eye capture the message that your dream held for you. Let the dream symbols speak to you.

The Enchanted Love Tarot
by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

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Monte Farber and Amy Zerner are a husband & wife team, the bestselling authors of many popular mind/body/spirit books and tools, including THE ENCHANTED LOVE TAROT and the forthcoming CREATIVITY ORACLE. www.TheEnchantedWorld.com

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