The Art of Flower Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide

The Art of Flower Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide

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  • Sep, 27 , 23

All life energy is connected amid the interplay of darkness and light. This is the natural balance of the earth. Night follows day. Depth of soil produces plant life. Animals hibernate during the winter months and awaken to new life in the spring. Nature transforms darkness into light continually and we exist within this rhythmic exchange. As beings who reside within the flow of earth’s energy our work is to meet the positive and negative forces of nature with acceptance. Not to conquer or control, but to strive for equilibrium.
The subtle energy that emanates from flowers is a positive, light-filled essence that can be used to transform the darkness of illness and negativity. Flower Therapy is the method of harnessing the beneficial energy from a selection of flowering plants to create emotional balance. Akin to homeopathy, the minute energy from the flowering plant is taken internally in the form of a tincture over a short course of time, to produce positive emotional shifts. This potent method for healing on a deep soul level addresses challenges such as anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, fear, uncertainty, grief, and more. Everyday there is more scientific research on the ill-effects of negative thought patterns and how this pessimistic mindset keeps us stuck in cycles of ill-health. Once we start to tune into our emotional challenges with deeper awareness and acceptance, we can then use the subtle energy of flowers to catalyze a healing response within. This works to transform physiological challenges at the core, by creating a positive resonance within. As our mindset shifts, we become better able to welcome a healing narrative, and let go of the doubts and fears associated with illness.
I’d like to share an excerpt from the book: “The first rule of flower therapy, is to treat the person, not the disease. To select remedies based on the current emotional picture of the individual--never on the symptoms. While it’s true that different people will experience the same type of illness in varying ways, mainstream medicine still prescribes based on physical symptoms, without taking into account how a person feels. Decades of research has shown that the emotions indeed govern the body, and so the inner landscape is where we travel in order to discover how to truly heal. In working with flower energy, we must first observe the emotional challenge, in order to offer it the healing vibration of the flowers. From this awareness we recognize the ways in which each person reacts differently to illness and then we can utilize the corresponding remedies. This goes against the medical model of diagnoses, as it focuses on the unique response to illness that each individual has, rather than the physical markers of pain. Instead of “Tell me where it hurts?” the question becomes “How does this illness make you feel?”

To take a deep dive into the wild energy of flowers and to learn how to use this foundational system to create optimal health is an enjoyable journey of self-improvement. The Art of Flower Therapy will guide you in understanding the uses of the 38 Bach flower remedies and enable you to prescribe for yourself and for others, with confidence. For ease of learning, the book is organized by Dr. Bach’s seven categories of emotional challenge. By integrating Flower Therapy into your life, you engage an energetic resonance that supports greater health and spiritual harmony. Whether you’ve never heard of Flower Therapy before or if you’re a seasoned practitioner of energy medicine, you will gain new perspectives in healing that will support you on your path of dynamic well-being.


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