A Quick Guide to Reading the Tarot’s Major Arcana Cards

A Quick Guide to Reading the Tarot’s Major Arcana Cards

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  • Mar, 10 , 23

We invite you to contemplate the benevolent wisdom of the Tarot and the gentle guidance that it offers. Here are the 22 cards of the Major Arcana from our Zerner/Farber Tarot—the “trump” cards of the tarot. Each card possesses its own special meaning and is designed to embody and convey a mystical message to both our conscious and subconscious minds, using visual symbolism. Together, the images and accompanying wisdom words trigger intuitive associations, uniquely and directly bringing to life the fundamental principle underlying the tarot: the blending of our dream-consciousness with that of our waking mind to produce a state of enchantment. We hope that you will be inspired to reflect on your own personal spiritual journey, and the signs and symbols all around you that offer guidance and illumination. 


0-The Fool


Do not fear—trust and go with the flow. Have fun.
Trust - Innocence - Playfulness - Leisure- Adventure- Beginning

1-The Magician

You’ve got the power and skill to make magic.
Energy - Visualization - Skill - Revelation - Destiny – Manifestation

2-High Priestess

Use your intuition—let it reveal the answers.
Sixth Sense - Receptivity - Knowing - Philosophy - Femininity - Meditation

3-The Empress

Allow nature’s beauty to inspire your creativity.
Creativity - Beauty - Abundance - Harmony - Sensuousness - Birthing

4-The Emperor

Stay calm and focus your attention on your goal.
Achievement - Benevolence - Leadership - Charisma – Power

5-The Hierophant

Share blessings for comfort and support.
Tradition - Authority – Code of Ethics - Belief - Mentor – Reunion

6-The Lovers

Follow your bliss and choose wisely.
Attraction - Pact - Relationship - Choice - Attunement – Consequences

7-The Chariot

You are a champion—seize the day!
Determination - Control - Will power - Goals - Preparation – Praise


You will accomplish with love what force cannot.
Brave heart - Devotion - Love - Loyalty - Allegiance – Endurance

9-The Hermit

Sometimes you must walk your own path.
Introspection - Mysticism - Eccentricity - Wisdom - Counsel – Teacher

10-Wheel of Fortune

Luck may be good karma, returning.
Cycles - Surprise - Timing - Karma - Good Fortune - Luck


You reap what you sow, so be prepared.
Truth - Structure -Balance - Adjustment - Morality - Legal Matters

12-The Hanged Man

Look at things from a different perspective.
Suspension - Waiting - Vulnerability - Process- Delays- Hang-ups


One cycle will end so another can begin.
Transformation- Endings- Relinquishing- Renewal- Surrender- Transition


You must enjoy the process as much as the result.
Patience - Synthesis - Forgiveness - Healing - Moderation - Blending

15-The Devil

We all have a shadow side we must confront.
Seduction - Gratification - Temptation - Negativity - Challenges - Dependence

16-The Tower

The opportunity to re-invent your life is now.
Crisis - Liberation - Flux - Upheaval - Freedom – Release – The Unexpected

17-The Star

Surround yourself with positive, healing energy.
Illumination - Peace - Rejuvenation - Inspiration - Optimism – Purification

18-The Moon

Use faith to guide you through the unknown.
Night journey - Dreams - Serendipity - Illusions - Confusion – Instincts

19-The Sun

Let your successes motivate you, not your failures.
Radiance - Validation – Light - Support - Empowerment – Happiness


Listen to the voice of your Higher Self.
Reckoning - Atonement - Urgency - Realization - Decision – Evolution

21-The World

Be aware of and appreciate the cycles of life.
Culmination - Awareness - Graduation - Expansion - Discovery

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About the Authors

Monte Farber and Amy Zerner are a husband-and-wife creative team, the artist and author of many bestselling oracles and divination systems. Since 1988, the couple has created their line of “spiritual power tools," including The Enchanted Tarot, Karma Cards, The Psychic Circle, The Art of Affirmations, The Intuition Oracle, The Creativity Oracle, Enchanted Love Tarot, The Karmic Birthday Book, Enchanted Worlds, The Wild Goddess Oracle and their new Zerner/Farber Tarot.

There are nearly three million copies of their works in print in eighteen languages. Their websites are: www.TheEnchantedWorld.com, www.MonteFarber.com, www.AmyZerner.com

Facebook: Monte Farber
Facebook: Amy Zerner
Facebook: The Enchanted World
Instagram: @MonteFarber
Instagram: @AmyZerner
TikTok: AmyZerner

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