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A reflection by writer and illustrator, Judy Mastrangelo. 


I’m primarily a graphic Artist, and love to be painting at my easel. Usually my art ideas come first, in the form of Images and Visions in my Imagination. And then, if I’m creating an illustrated book, or Oracle Card deck etc, the writing just flows, inspired by my images in my Mind. I call these images that I put together “MIND PAINTINGS”. They just seem to emerge inside of my head, such as when you gaze at clouds in the sky, and images appear. It’s a form of “scrying”, as if you’re gazing into a crystal ball, or into a pond with sparkling ripples. My main intention is to develop my imagination through creating various Art forms that I love.

I delight in sharing my creative work with others, hoping to inspire them in discovering their own Artistic Nature. I’ve found that writing and illustrating Oracle Decks, such as this one, entitled “DREAM YOUR JOY”, is a wonderful way to share my Art and Philosophy.

In my Deck, I suggest different ways to create “Mind Paintings”. The first step is to choose a special quiet space all your own. In this secret place you’ll be able to daydream, and create your own personal fantasies that are meaningful to you. It could be in a room, or even a section of a garden outside.

If you would like to improve yourself both physically, emotionally, and creatively, you can then begin to manifest a “Mind Painting” of your “Ideal You”, the way you would love to be. Then you could do your best in striving to become this wonderful person of your dreams.

I’ve worked with many types of people over the years in developing themselves artistically. They have been all ages, from young children, to teens, adults, and seniors. I’ve urged people to discover themselves, especially through the Arts, such as Painting, Drama, Dance, and Music. I feel that the Fine Arts are amongst the highest achievements that Humankind has achieved throughout the ages. My quest is to encourage people to find what they truly enjoy the most, in order to achieve true Happiness. We all have innate talents that lie deep inside, which may have been dormant for a long time, perhaps from our childhood, yearning to be reawakened. I feel it’s important to contact this “Inner Child”, who may have been forgotten for a while, but has never left your heart. By contacting this youngster from the past, you may be able to rejuvenate and renew some forgotten blissful memories of your Youth.

I have incorporated some of the wonderful experiences I’ve had working with people through various Art forms, into this Oracle Card Deck. For instance, I include forms of Dance and Movement, Painting and Drawing, as fun types of meditations and activities, with some of my Cards. I even suggest ways of experimenting with things such as “Creative and Automatic Writing” of thoughts and images that come from your unconscious mind. Activities like these can prove fascinating, and you might discover some hidden talents you didn’t even know you had!

I've found many people have become very excited while immersing themselves in various Art forms. Through expressing ourselves in the Arts of Dance and Music, for instance, we can release many wonderful emotions. Reading great Literature, stimulates the imagination and helps with one’s creative process. The Visual Arts, such as Painting and Sculpture are marvelous ways to manifest our secret fantasies, with paint and clay, so that others can see and appreciate them also. I’ve included several ways to develop your artistic talents in my oracle card deck, such as ideas for Dance Pantomimes, and Visualizations. They can be wonderful aids for self discovery, and may enhance your life.

I’ve found personal happiness by depicting the Eternal world of Fantasy, since it makes me feel Young and Joyful. That’s one of the reasons I named this deck “DREAM YOUR JOY”. And I encourage others to discover and express their own uniquely distinctive and uplifting thoughts and sentiments.

I also discuss how important it is to become as healthy as possible. I always say that I am not a Health Care Professional, but I enjoy talking about important topics like these, which have been helpful and enjoyable in my lifetime. I urge people to consult with some of the many types of health care professionals nearby, regarding health topics relating to themselves, such as Healers, Alternative Medicine Practitioners, MDs, DOs, etc. In my Deck I discuss ways that I have found work for me, to relax and relieve stress, eat well and healthfully, and exercise safely, among other things.

Some of the themes I cover in my Oracle Card Deck are the following:

Life is too short to sever all bonds with the past. Sadly sometimes it becomes too late to reconcile differences when our loved ones “pass over the rainbow bridge”. So we can at least try to stay in touch while they are still on the Earthly plane. And even when we have lost people we love, we can always remember them in our hearts.

Developing good eating habits, exercising safely, and keeping up our health in other ways, will help us to keep younger and happier longer.

Imagination and creativity are deep within all of us. If it is hidden, we just need to find it within our souls.

We all have felt shy and insecure at one time or another. We can work to develop more self confidence in our lives.

The booklet which comes with this card deck, helps explain in more detail the artwork and message for each individual card. And included in the booklet, I’ve also written some encouraging and positive Affirmations and Meditations to go with some of the cards. I also discuss the colors of my artwork, in terms of the important meaning of the various colored “Chakras”. Colors are very important to meditate on, since they all have different spiritual meanings.

There are so many things we can all do to aid in making our lives more fulfilled. I hope that my “DREAM YOUR JOY” Oracle Card Deck will encourage and inspire others to discover their Happiness.

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