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Hello, my name is Amanda Ellis and I created an oracle deck last year with Red Feather Publishing centered around the energy of Archangel Metatron.

I live in the UK, but I’m aware that wherever we are right now in our world these are challenging days. So much is in a state of flux and uncertainty within the collective and also in our personal lives.  Turning to Higher Guidance at this time is not just helpful, but crucial, whether that be your own Higher Self or an Angelic Guide.  Archangel Metatron, who is a Personal Guide I have worked with consciously since 2007, helps us to understand why things are as they presently are.

I pulled four cards today from The Archangel Metatron Self Mastery Oracle, a deck that highlights Metatron’s energy and guidance for us right now:

  • Beacon — Shine On
  • Red — Safety, Strength, & Power
  • Wake Up Call — Listen & Take Note
  • Priorities — Building Blocks for Life

It is quite clear what this combination means. We are being encouraged to Shine On at a time when the world and many in it are going through a huge shift to a new way of being. The Wake Up Call happening is like a siren or alarm that is sounding and warning us that much needs to change not just for our own generation and lifetime but for those to come.

Wake Up Call

Wake Up calls by nature can be uncomfortable as they force us to look at what is wrong, unbalanced, and increasingly redundant. They are both collective and individual.  If we look first at what may be arising in your own individual life — you may be clearly seeing that an existing relationship is broken or needs serious help. It may be a job that you have outgrown or an aspect of self-care you have neglected. Your body may be screaming for you to stop, or conversely to get moving!  Whichever is arising (and Metatron is encouraging you to look at), know that he does so because it is time to welcome the new, but this also necessitates saying goodbye to the old.  Also, realize that to ignore a wake-up call is unwise, as the universe introduces them often when previous whisperings have been ignored. This isn’t being “done to you” — you are not a powerless victim of circumstance; instead, usually it is a soul request you have sent out that you are ready (albeit subconsciously) for the next chapter, experience, life lesson, or opportunity. Remember that the soul is here primarily to GROW.

The adage that when you look back you are able to appreciate the blessings and gifts that came in as a result of the wake-up call is true, but going through it IS hard. Remember you are always supported and held by the angels. The truth is sometimes we have to walk part of the spiritual path alone, but they are always watching and helping when they can.

Looking at change as a concept more widely now, it is said that when we act we should be thinking of the effect we can manifest for 7 generations hence. This is an old indigenous teaching: that which we create in every moment will be inherited by those who follow after us.  It feels as though we are all individually being called to help bring in a better world by our own actions, deeds, and thoughts — for it is our thoughts that create our reality.

The Red card from the deck shows an Elder who represents all tribes and the love for Mother Earth. Central to this message is how can we honor Gaia and how can we as Light Workers shine our light to help the planet evolve into one that is better than we found it.


This isn’t just Environmental in nature, it is about healing that which we carry within our Family lines. This includes ancestral pain that can contribute to dangerous cycles such as addictions, abuse, relationship woes, poor parenting, and much more on a list that seems endless.

Archangel Metatron teaches that we can heal anything that we are ready to face. The fact that the Red card is highlighted within the reading shows that much of what needs to be healed right now is Base Chakra related, linked to Survival (Security, Job, Home), Health (Propensity towards diseases can carry on down family lines), Financial issues, Relationships, and so forth.

The color Red helps heal many things: our relationship with Mother Earth, our relationship with our own parents, and what may be very relevant for many of you reading this now — our physical energy.

Red is a great energizer if you are feeling sluggish, lethargic, or tired. Red can also give you back your ‘get up and go’, because if we are to make changes we need the energy to do so.

Eating Red Fruit and Vegetables, Color Breathing, Wearing Red, Painting with Red, Using Red Aura Sprays or Red Crystals can all play a part.

The next card drawn from the deck is the Priorities card. In this card, we see that for the New Earth and indeed our new start to occur we have to start at the Base, for it is our foundation, the Red energy upon which anything new is built. The foundations for the new have to be solid and robust — patience may be needed as they may be built slower than we would like — but better that than shaky foundations that don’t last. Healing itself can sometimes be slow, but we also learn from every bit of the journey, including the bits that seem as though we are stuck or paused.


When we have mastered Red and all its teachings, we can then work our way up all the other colors with their inherent gifts and teachings too. Each step creates the next layer of change, new identity, and era to come.

It is interesting to note that the three cards drawn first are Master Numbers — 11, 44, and 55 — all demonstrating that God is with us. We need to trust and have faith in signs that will steer us, for that spirit has our back as we make the necessary changes in our lives.

Our life, like numbers themselves, has a rhythm. The trick is to listen to that rhythm, which means listening to ourselves, listening to the divine, and trusting our flow even when that wake-up call sounds loud. It is simply a call to shine more brightly than ever before.

It should be noted also that shining is particularly noticeable in the darkness, as the light from one flame in a dark room illuminates it. At times such as these in our world, we are asked by the Beacon card to Shine On, not just for ourselves, but for others, too. The more of us who do this, the faster we can evolve into the new, and realize a world that has healed what is necessary to birth the new.


Sending Archangel Metatron Blessings and Strength to everyone – it may be a ride right now, but it is the one we signed up for and which we are well equipped to not just tolerate but enjoy….

Here’s to our new realities and incoming future.


About the Author:

Amanda Ellis specializes in the energy of Archangel Metatron. She is a healer, color therapist, and intuitive teacher as well as founder of a system of healing called Metatron Color Healing™ and the creator of a range of stunning healing sprays. Amanda lives beside the sea in the UK with her daughters and husband, close to the leylines connecting to Stonehenge, Avebury, and Glastonbury. To find out more about Amanda and her work, visit www.amandaellis.co.uk.

Jane Delaford Taylor, the illustrator of The Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle, is a professional artist and illustrator, well known for her inspirational paintings that capture the energy and light of the angelic realm. She is also a trained healer, having studied homeopathy, Reiki, and EFT, and believes visual art is an important channel that can be used for healing and change on many levels. Jane works from her cottage studio in Scotland, beside the Holy Loch, and you can see more of her work at www.janedelafordtaylor.com.

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