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by Guest Author Donna DeNomme

Highest praise for Donna DeNomme:

“One of the hardest things for many people to do is feel what is uncomfortable to feel. Burying our feelings can create pain and disease in the body and keep us from being in our power and knowing all the love that is our true essence. Donna is a masterful teacher and healer and this book provides amazing insights and a variety of processes to help you explore and move into your feelings safely. If you truly want to know the person you came here to be and to be healthier on all levels, this book is for you. You can feel Donna’s love in every sentence.”

–Melinda, Amazon reviewer

“If you want to know your deepest self…if your path forward in life seems to have deviated from where you thought you would be…if your path seems obscured…As You Feel, So You Heal could be the soft light that helps you find your own personal compass. Donna DeNomme writes all from her heart, her personal compassion shines through on every page, a gentle illumination for finding your way, navigating life’s journey ~ discovering that the challenges in your path have made you stronger than you realized. This book has (and still is) helping me navigate through traumatic events, find healing & to know the me that got lost along the way.”–Lori Ramich

What does your heart have to say? Do you listen?

There is something within you that yearns to be seen, to be heard…and to be felt. An inner calling is beckoning you toward more of your precious authentic expression, and your emotions are guideposts to help get you there.

Every thought, every word, and every action contributes to your wholeness. What you fail to acknowledge can and does hurt you. Pushing emotions down simply doesn’t work–even the most binding Spanx cannot keep their lines from showing! Oh, they may stay held in place for a while, even decades…but sooner or later, they’ll spill out, sometimes in the most inopportune moment and perhaps magnified from their original state. You burst out crying looking at your boss across the conference table or blurt out a harsh response to your mother-in-law’s questioning over dinner. Or worse yet, you raise your voice at one of the kids over a small misstep when you really don’t mean to. Yikes! Why wouldn’t that just stay in there? (Hint: because it really wants to be noticed).

Spiritual bypass doesn’t work either. You know when someone says, “I’m fine. Everything is fine.” “They just let me go from my job, my husband left, and my dear dog died…. But I’m fine.” No, dear. You are not. Feel the feelings that are there – all of them – or they’ll boomerang back around to get your attention.

Not only that but is it kind and helpful to ignore a part of yourself that needs you? If your friend endured a great loss or even a little disappointment and wanted to talk about it, would you turn your back on her? Would you walk away midsentence? That is kind of what we do when we shove our emotions to the side, leave them on a shelf gathering dust, stuff them in an old trunk, or perhaps pretend they don’t even exist. One of my clients says, “Anger. What is that? I’ve never experienced that.” Another one says, “Suck it up buttercup!” No. That is the wrong direction! Don’t suck it up. Let it lie there, fully exposed on the table. Look at it. Notice its colors. Feel its contours. Smell its scent. Hear its story…And open your heart to understand and embrace its true meaning. When all is said and done, our emotions, (all of them) want our recognition, caring, and acceptance. Trust me, they do.

My friend’s children are taught how to appropriately express all their emotions, but many of us weren’t given that same skill. Somewhere along life’s path, we’ve learned that certain emotions are “good” and others are “bad.” Yet, our raw feelings are a treasure of precious gems. And being present to them can be an abundant adventure into the richness of self-discovery, because our feelings are guideposts to understanding who we are and what we desire.

As You Feel, So You Heal invites you to celebrate all your feelings as an integral part of you. Clear, practical strategies help root out stagnant or blocked emotional energy so you can engage, nurture, and understand your innermost character, ultimately learning unshakable self-acceptance. Beautifully illustrated, full-color pages point the way home to your most authentic nature.

For some of us, finding our true inner core means traversing rocky terrain from a lifetime of wounding; carefully addressing and treating our pain is essential to moving forward. Isn’t it fascinating that only 1 in every 3 Americans say they’re happy? Two-thirds of us are not really enjoying life. Happiness is as much a skill as an emotion, and regardless of what we’ve endured, we can learn how to be happy. That process begins with the hope that it can be different as we examine what holds us in despair. Imagine opening the door to that possibility.

Unmet emotions affect our overall health, too, and making peace with them can help us physically heal. I cleared debilitating migraines, chronic allergies, and acute endometriosis and have assisted others in cultivating health through a myriad of practices, some of which are presented in the stories, meditations, and activities throughout this book. Science shows that writing helps us heal, not only by allowing us to vent our thoughts and feelings but also by helping us access our inner strength and resiliency. And as a bountiful bonus, along the way, we often discover the hidden treasure of our untapped potential.

A wise teacher, Mary Antin, once said:

“We are not born all at once but by bits. Our mothers are racked with the pains of our physical birth; we ourselves suffer the longer pains of our spiritual growth.”

We are faced, again and again, with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual discomfort of birthing into the fullness of our truest self. And our efforts are well worth it as we evolve into more and more of who we were meant to be.

So, what is a “Write of Passage?” Through the act of conscious consideration, we encounter five empowering phases:

  • Self-Discovery
  • Transformation
  • Sacred Path
  • Soul Creativity, and
  • the Great Mystery.

We give our emotions the time and space to find their true voice as we listen closely, moving through a powerful journey of discovery, healing, and integration. Nurture a sense of trust in yourself. The 144 pages of As You Feel, So You Heal and the journal that accompanies them are your sacred place of unfolding.

Wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve experienced, and however you’re showing up right now contribute to shaping who you are . . . look at the color of its lifeblood and the value it holds, without embarrassment or regret. Anchor yourself within your naturally unique and complex personal character. Look with wide eyes of wonderment as you gaze upon where you are right now in your life, seeing and accepting all that is, so you might clear away the debris of what no longer serves you. Open your vision to the path ahead, knowing it leads to the great beyond.

As You Feel, So You Heal is for those who wish to live authentically and sincerely. It is also an important resource for coaches, bodyworkers, and healers who help support others. It is an essential inquiry into what it is to be fully human – and from that authentic humanity to manifest what is essentially divine.

Meet the Author:


Donna DeNomme
author of
As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write of Passage

Donna DeNomme is a role model for using life challenges as oppor­tunities to propel oneself into an extraordinary life. Coming from a background of brutal sexual abuse, which led to rebellious adolescent gang affiliation, single motherhood, and state welfare, Donna knew first-hand how self-defeating life can be. Donna is now an accomplished teacher, licensed Master Success Coach, shamanic healer, and ceremonial leader.  Voted Colorado’s “Spiritual Health Guru” (5280 Magazine), she has served clients and students with their healing, life enrichment, and spiritual development since 1987. She is the internationally published, award-winning author of Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself, Ophelia’s Oracle, and 8 Keys to Wholeness: Tools for Hope-Filled Healing.

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