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by Kass Thomas, author of REDFeather’s newest release: Dancing With Riches.

“Life is so crazy, and people often amaze me the way they’re always running around. They don’t take the time to really be real, they’re too busy, too busy to feel. And years come and go while they waste all of their time trying to be something they cannot be. If they just slowed down, then maybe they’ll see, all the time they had, that they really were free.”

Sergio Mendes – Brazil 66

Every single choice we make influences what shows up in our lives. When we are very busy, actively doing things for others day after day, week after week, month after month and sometimes year after year, we usually don’t ever take ourselves into consideration.

That is not only a lack of kindness to us, it is also a lack of kindness to the world. Instead of inviting things and people into our lives that would create more ease, joy, and abundance, we often follow in other people’s footsteps and make decisions that create stagnation and boredom.

This is where our mental, physical, and emotional health can become diminished. 

Being bombarded by all the energies around can be quite overwhelming. Nowadays, life is moving so fast and it is demanding so much that we often are pressured to make decisions at the drop of a hat! We use our “better judgement” — what’s right and what’s wrong — and let this dominate and control what and with whom we decide to engage.

Often what triggers who or what we exclude stems from our fixed points of view. All those decisions, judgments, computations, and conclusions create our realities.

These fixed points of view create walls and barriers in our body and become present in the vibration that we emanate out into the world. Functioning from fixed points of view doesn’t allow us to choose environments that nurture us. We start going into more resistance and reaction, which has us recreating similar results from seemingly different experiences that somehow show up over and over and over again in our lives. They may look different, feel different and even smell different but sooner or later we recognize the pattern. Instead of creating a desirable future we often find ourselves reliving the past and creating a very restricted zone of influence in our lives.

How can we expand our bandwidth and create something greater?

Well, the first thing is to acknowledge that no matter how many times you think you have succeeded or failed, no matter what your dreams or fears are, no matter how perfect or imperfect you think your life is, something greater is always possible.

In my new book, Dancing with Riches, I share simple and easy ways to Step In and connect with you, Step Up and recognize which choices create desirable futures, and Step Out and discover how to approach life in a way that will increase your vibration and have a continuity of presence with your life.

Step In is about connecting with you in a way that allows you to identify what your vibration currently is. Our interpretation of the world influences the way we engage with ourselves, with our bodies, with other people and with the world in general. This is unique to each and every one of us and YOU are the best version of you that exists on the planet. No one else does you better than you. When you are willing to connect with the energy of you, you can easily recognize what is a contribution to you and what is not.

What kind of book is this? 

This is a how-to book. It shows you how to alter your way of thinking using questions instead of looking for answers. Questions open up your awareness and allow you to adapt to change effortlessly so you can create more. You may be able to save a lot of time, effort, and heartache by reading this book and utilizing these questions and verbal processes of Access Consciousness.

What is the layout?

There are six chapters in the book: SELF, BODY, RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY, BUSINESS, and LIFE PURPOSE. In each of the chapters, I share a variety of my experiences throughout my personal and professional life. Starting in the US (Boston, New York) I then moved to Europe (Paris and then Rome), where I have currently lived for the last 25 years, thanks to my second marriage. Throughout each chapter I use lots of questions to stimulate awareness in you about where you currently are in that area of your life. Then I give some suggestions on how to increase the options from which you can choose to create the life you desire.

I don’t necessarily give lots of advice, I share stories about my life’s journey thus far, how I have lived it and have created movement in every area of my life, even when the waters were stagnant. I show people how they can use the tools of Access Consciousness to expand their inner peace, relationships, financial situation, and business, gaining clarity about what they would like to choose to create their reality.

The layout of this book is organized in a way to gift you a different perspective on different areas of your life and activate a pragmatic approach to creating change in each area of life using the tools of Access Consciousness.

What can this book offer you?

This book is for anyone who is willing to look inward. Be in the moment. Go with the flow and redirect that flow whenever needed. And marvel as the magic unfolds. I hope it invites you to truly begin dancing with the riches of your life.

Who would not want more of that?

I am grateful for my strength of character, my resolve, my willpower, and my constitution. I am also grateful to have encountered Access at the very moment in my life when most people begin to settle for what they already have, instead of continuing to strive for more.

Are you interested in creating a reality that works for you and goes far beyond your imagination? If so, I encourage you to have a read

…Kass Thomas xo

About the Author:

Kass Thomas is a motivational speaker, radio personality, coach, Access Consciousness® certified facilitator, and best-selling author. Born in the United States, Kass moved to Rome 20 years ago. In her early twenties and thirties, she was a successful entrepreneur, film producer, and senior management executive in the hospitality industry. Now Kass travels the world training corporates, groups, and individuals in areas of communication, relationships, body language, business, money, women empowerment, Earth, and many other topics. She uses simple and easy tools that enable participants to communicate more effectively in any situation. Additionally, they learn to connect with themselves and others better and create magic by weaving universal energy in their being. Kass believes there’s more that unites us than separates us. She works diligently to strengthen the awareness of this unity in everyone, using various approaches, tools, and techniques. To find out more about Kass and her book:
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