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by Pamela Steele, creator of REDFeather’s newest release: Eternal Seeker Oracle.

Inspired by the tarot’s major arcana, the Eternal Seeker Oracle has evolved from over 40 years of tarot study and reflection.

In 1978, I acquired my first deck, the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. After returning to the motel where my cousin, Maya, and I were camped, I opened the cards and laid them on the bed to have a first look at my first deck.

After examining each card, I turned to Maya and asked, “Where are the rest of them?”

That prompted a “WHAT?” as she launched across the room to see what I was talking about. After careful scrutiny, she announced, “They’re all there.”

“No.” I declared, “There are no cards to represent young women, no card for personal truth, no card for…” At which point she interrupted me with a flat, “They’re all there. Just read the damned cards.”

Thus began my personal tarot journey. Fast-forward to October 21, 1999. By then, I was living in western Canada and Maya had relocated to Missouri. She called to update me that she had a new publisher and said the publisher was looking for a new, innovative tarot deck to publish.

Okay, I’m listening.

She continued with, “You know that deck that you’ve had stuck in your head for over 20 years?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Get it on paper or canvas. I’ll get back to you.” After which we visited for a bit before hanging up the phones.

The next morning, I arrived at work and proceeded to figure out a 4 to 1 aspect ratio for the size I would want the finished deck. Then, I began to draw the Ace of Pentacles for what would eventually become part of the Steele Wizard Tarot.

Long story, but the art for the deck was completed by June 21, 2000. These included Maidens for the courts and 6 additional Major Arcana to take the reader beyond duality and into the realm of pure spirit. The truth is, I added the extra cards for myself. I needed more information. Often, when reading for myself or others, I felt like I was guessing. I guessed right, but still, I wanted more concrete information.

That’s when “Life started Happening.” Over the next 4 years, I decided that my epitaph was going to read, “Did not play well with others.” At that point, I sold my house to self-finance a production run of the Steele Wizard Tarot. This venture turned into the love-child between a herculean odyssey and a global scavenger hunt after which, on July 31, 2007, at 5:30 pm, the official website launched, and in 12 hours over 50 copies had sold in Europe. By the end of that day, over 200 copies had sold globally. Both pleased and surprised, I figured it was a respectable start for an unknown artist who had been branded “heretic” by traditional tarotists.

Years passed and in 2013 some new friends asked me to design a poster for their first annual tarot symposium coming in 2014. The working title for the poster was “The Hermit Dude.” Just about everyone who saw it asked if it was the beginning of my new deck, to which my answer was, “No.” I had no desire to create a 3rd deck as, at that time, the Wizard’s Pets Tarot was just getting its finishing touches to go to the printer.

But, as these things go, by the fall of 2016 my desk was cleared and I was left unattended. That’s when I decided to create a picture that had been stuck in my head for a few years, and the second image was born entitled, oddly enough, the “Oracle.”

After that, I figured I’d go ahead and work on a new deck. Reality began to set in, and I realized I might not live long enough to do an entire tarot, so the idea of creating a majors-only deck seemed reasonable. Then, knowing I already had 6 additional cards from the Steele Wizard, I thought I’d expand on that and create an Oracle.

I’d always figured that the linear representation of the Major Arcana had “gaps.”

In other words, how do I get from the Tower, which is utter chaos, destruction, and forces beyond our control to the Star? How do we go from hiding under a table with buckets on our heads to being uplifted by strong spiritual forces and surrounded by glory? That, in my humble opinion, needed a bridge. So, I gave it one: “Hope.”

Throughout the creation process of the Eternal Seeker Oracle consisting of 33-cards, there were multiple re-routing opportunities. There were times where the pictures I drew just didn’t work. Wrestling with the numbering was also a challenging prospect. Why number them at all? Because numbers are important to me when I’m trying to make sense of what seems chaotic.

The entire creation process, once I decided to go for it, took about 3 years. One of the most challenging aspects was writing the companion book. I’ve never considered myself to be a writer. But, since no one else was privy to either my brain or my creative process during this adventure, I had to try and articulate what exactly was the method to all of the madness, per se.

I am pleased that REDFeather/ Schiffer Publishing acquired the rights to publish this oracle. I have long admired both the quality and the beauty of their products. Besides, many of my friends and co-creators are REDFeather/ Schiffer artists and authors. So it stands to reason that I’m in great company and feel like I’m a part of something wonderful.

What can you do with this deck?

I’m so glad that you asked. The Eternal Seeker Oracle may be used independently in divination, daily meditations, or combined with tarot consultations using the deck of your choice. Each card represents an archetype, as does the tarot’s major arcana, meant to explore the innermost workings of the human psyche. Humanity has forever been journeying toward what I hope is a path of discovery.

We are truly divine beings (souls) having a human experience. It is time for us to accept who and what we are and join forces to co-create a world where every living being finds peace.

“How?” you might ask? That is a valid question, but consider:

Despite the chaos and unrest that appears to be slamming humanity from multiple fronts, there is still an amazing core of “us” that remains. When you watch a video of a disaster such as 911, Hurricane Katrina, or the Boston Marathon, for example, look closely at the people on the screen. For every person running away from the chaos, there are far more running towards the destruction to help those who were hurt. With total disregard for their safety, average citizens rush to the aid of others. While the media focuses on the event, the people are on the ground trying to save others.

I’ve witnessed these scenarios hundreds of times in multiple situations. I’ve been involved in desperate events where concern for others far outweighs thoughts of my survival. Stupid? Probably. But this is humanity at its finest. These are the people that will risk life and limb to stop freeway traffic to help an animal. These are ones who will brave the elements of the worst storms to ensure their neighbors are safe. These are the ones who inspired the core elements of the Eternal Seeker Oracle. These people are not from one area or another, instead, they live all over our planet.

These card images represent archetypes that have been woven into your DNA beginning with humanity’s origin and continue to today. This Oracle will resonate on a cell-deep level to activate your latent abilities and wisdom. The Eternal Seeker Oracle addresses the haunting question, “Why?” Every answer brings you the insights to attain self-mastery. The Eternal Seeker Oracle is designed to take us beyond duality and into the realm of pure spirit. This Oracle is a reminder of where we came from and who we are in truth. It will take you beyond ego and bring elements into your life to inspire critical thinking and offer alternate paths.

There is a way. We just need to step onto the path.

With Strength & Honor,

Pamela Steele

About the Author:

Pamela Steele

Artist, author, Tarot reader, mystic, dreamer, and all-around adventurer, Pamela Steele believes we are all Divine Beings having a human experience. As a self-taught artist, she has devoted over five decades to creating paintings and drawings and has self-published both the Steele Wizard Tarot and the Wizard’s Pets Tarot—the ABCs. Pamela has loved Tarot for over four decades. She has also taught Tarot and given presentations through BATS, NeWTS, the local college, public libraries, and at various New Age shows. As a professional massage therapist with a background in natural remedies, Pamela offers physical and spiritual healing to those who seek wholeness. One of her goals is to leave the world and all who dwell upon it better than she found them.

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