Getting the Timing Right with

Getting the Timing Right with "Clarity Tarot"

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  • Sep, 19 , 22

Below is a message from Clarity Tarot author, Debra Zachau, on the timing feature that readers can explore with the deck.

This download will help solve the problem of the major cards in the Clarity Tarot deck being printed without the timing numbers on them. This will be corrected with our second printing. The numbers to be printed on each of the major cards starting with the Fool card at zero and the World card is 21. As explained in the book this was supposed to be just one more way of offering timelines in your readings.

A bit of caution as some clients fixate on timelines: they panic and push things if the end of a timeline they relied heavily on is coming to a close. It goes without saying this is unhealthy. Please educate your clients when giving a timeline by assuring them that if this focus of desire is a destiny point, then nothing will get in the way of it coming to them. Also, remind them that timelines are tricky and can change with an action or re-action that hasn’t shown up yet.

Below is the list you can use to number the major cards in your Clarity Tarot deck. Grab a cool marker and put the numbers that line up with each card if you would like to use this technique in the book. If during a reading a client asks for a timeline, and your intuition tells you a time prediction would be received positively here is what you do. There’s no need to start all over by shuffling all the cards back into the deck. Leave the cards used in the reading on the table and use the cards left in your hands. Lay down cards one by one until you get to a major card. Read the number you printed on the card.

If perhaps you drew the Strength card, you will see the number 8. Ask your angels and guides to tell you whether that means 8 hours or days or weeks, and so on. Thank you for giving us room for grace with this situation. 

If you have questions or concerns I’m always available. Visit my website at to contact me. If you are interested in my video course visit

In deep respect for your path, Debra

0 (within one month) - Fool

1 - Magician

2 - High Priestess

3 - Empress

4 - Emperor

5 - Hierophant

6 - Lovers

7 - Chariot

8 - Strength

9 - Hermit

10 - Wheel of Fortune

11 - Justice

12 - Hanged Man

13 - Death

14 - Temperance

15 - Devil

16 - Tower

17 - Star

18 - Moon

19 - Sun

20 - Judgement

21 – World


About the Author

Debra Zachau is a master of Tarot and a certified Soul Realignment practitioner providing services for those who want to understand more fully who they are at the soul level. She offers a way to facilitate positive changes to help individuals live their most authentic selves. She has performed at small parties as well as large corporate events as an entertainer, speaking on a wide range of topics. Debra is dedicated to her international clientele whom she supports as a spiritual advisor daily. 

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