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by Donna DeNomme, author of the Nautilus, Benjamin Franklin, and COVR award-winning book As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write of Passage.

“I can’t write,” Sheila said.

“No worries,” I answered, “This isn’t about your writing skills. This program is about getting in touch with yourself. Some people don’t even write anything down. They just think about the stirring questions, contemplate the meditative practices, and let the inspirational information just sit with them.”

Let go of any expectation of what this should look like. Begin the journey and let it unfold: step by step, piece by piece, like embarking on a new hiking trail…and delighting at the discoveries around every corner.

Human Resource Manager, Coleen, and college student, Casey, were drawn to pursuing a “Write of Passage” as a way to not only connect with themselves but with each other. Both mother and daughter were gifted writers. We marveled at the ways they could spin a phrase. The deepening of their understanding and their bond was heart-warming. Coleen said, “I love that this process is intuitive rather than intellectual. My thinking mind needed a retreat and that is exactly what I got! I also appreciate how this is not just about me, but how it opened me up to how I can make a contribution to helping and healing others.”

Elma had been raised on a ranch, strong and self-sufficient, and at seventy-six had a lifetime of experiences seasoned with much success. When she delved into her “Write of Passage” Elma bumped into pockets of memories and pain that she had pushed way down, buried far away from her daily life. As these untapped pieces moved closer to the surface, her writing took on a dark tone which was somehow comforting. “As You Feel, So You Heal” encourages the reader to keep moving, even when the content is difficult — this is often where we find the inner gold! Elma became lighter and freer as she moved on. Emotional burdens carried for decades found their true expression, were witnessed for the insight they carried and comforted in their pain.

Elma said, “This was much more than I bargained for and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Precious. My Write of Passage has changed me forever! Thank you.”

As a corporate executive with stressful days and a debilitated husband necessitating long, demanding nights, Jan had little time for herself. She took to the urgings of “As You Feel, So You Heal” like a parched hiker who just discovered fresh water. Jan drank it in long and hard. “This book is an outstanding work! I cannot imagine my future life as it would have been had I not read this book and begun working with it. It’s so beautifully written and put together in a manner that the path to self-discovery, which at times is hard to begin, is instead, very much a pleasure. The guidance and tools that Donna DeNomme has provided in this book are thought provoking and intriguing at the same time.”   

What Is a “Write of Passage”?

–excerpted from the book’s introduction

In the custom of the ancient cultures of the first peoples, there were rites of passage to introduce a new segment of life. Caring ancestors and loving mentors held energetic support, while providing tasks and challenges to usher one through a sacred portal. This process of solo discovery and transformation instilled great confidence, an assurance in one’s ability to successfully move through changes in the outer reality, and a strong, resourceful belief in the innate relationship between woman and nature. Loving arms and knowing hands pointed the way to one’s own sacred path and then, after a time, welcomed the initiate back—with sincere interest and appreciation for their unique soul creativity demonstrated in the form of visions, messages, and prophecy, not only for the individual but for the whole tribe.

These “old ways,” in many ways, have been lost. Yet, we still crave the self-discovery and deep meaning they provide. We long for a time of sweet mentoring and transition into a greater way of being. Some of us gravitate to the elders who still remember…and we recapture the language of the soul. Humbly and respectfully, we engage with the earth beneath us, the sky above us, and the whisperings of the allies from every direction, from the smallest creatures within the earth to the mighty winged above.

Within these pages, you’ll be given an opportunity to embark on your own Write of Passage. Wise ancestors and caring mentors energetically support you in this endeavor: As your hands move across the page, know they are blessed by your infinite and eternal connection with all-there-is and all-there-ever-will-be, and that life itself supports you in discovering more of the beautiful being you truly are, as well as the greater form of expression that you can truly be. These pages and the journal that accompanies them are your sacred place of unfolding. 

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Here’s what industry influencers are saying:

“A complete emotional assessment program for your life. It’s part emotional GPS and part forgiveness field-manual for what to do with old pain, anxiety, or when you’re just at a complete loss as to what to do next. Donna DeNomme has created a step by step process for helping you to come to understand your feelings, become aware of why you have them, and experience the self-discovery that leads to freedom… write the future of your dreams by writing about your feelings. If you feel stuck… if you are confused as to your life-purpose or just want to live a life of joy, you’ve got the guide you need…” – Radleigh Valentine, Best Selling Hay House author of How to Be Your Own Genie and The Compendium of Magical Things

“Accessing a new cycle or setting out on a new adventure? Intuitive empath, life coach, and spiritual sherpa, Donna DeNomme, offers a compassionate insider’s guide to self-discovery… probing questions that ask you to explore the deep and varied terrain of human emotions, enabling you to access your inner compass, in order for you to achieve a life of success, joy, and bounty.” – Renee Baribeau, Hay House author Winds of Spirit

“This book is a beautiful and easy roadmap to connect to our emotional selves and give them a voice. Donna gently guides the reader to a powerful place of self-love and self-expression.” – Cynthia James, #1 Amazon bestselling author of I Choose Me

“Write of Passage beckons you to embrace a soul level transformation by journeying through five phases of restoration to wholeness. Accept this Divine Invitation!” – Melinda Carver, author of Get Positive Live Positive

“A beautiful and necessary work for all who are called to enter deeply into their own inner work and transformation. Using writing, feeling, knowing and the Divine as part of the transformation process, DeNomme teaches us how to release all that we are not—and become One with the mystery of everything.” – Sara Wiseman, author of Messages from the Divine and The Intuitive Path

“With As You Feel So You Heal: Write of Passage Donna DeNomme has brought forth a clear and compassionate guide that gives the reader some essential steps to experiencing and working through life’s challenges and celebrations. By sharing her personal struggles and triumphs and those of others you’ll be encouraged and supported to deeply feel whatever emotions arise from those experiences. With exercises designed to gently assist you through any “write of passage” in your life, you’ll come to know and accept yourself more fully.” – Dr. Steven Farmer, author of Animal Spirit GuidesHealing Ancestral KarmaSacred Ceremony, and the Shaman’s Path Cards

“Donna DeNomme continues to amaze with new approaches in her already full understanding of healing. In this deeply soul-inspired work, she combines shamanic wisdom with decades of work with clients and teaches us to be gentle, accepting, and courageous as we take our personal healing journey. Guided by the natural world, we learn to let closely held emotions emerge, transforming our way of being and unleashing our remarkable gifts. Donna is a truly inspirational writer. Take this book and use it to open a portal onto your own sacred path.” – Tina Proctor, wildlife biologist, storyteller, and labyrinth facilitator

“Donna DeNomme continues to earn our trust by letting us inside her world while encouraging us to embrace our own wings and effectively learn how to fly. As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write Of Passage is another delicious example of Donnas innate ability to reach out through a books written pages and warmly embrace her audience. Thank you for always helping me feel seen, Donna, I am forever grateful for your brilliant connection.” – Hollie McIntire, Compassionate Photography

“Donna DeNomme has designed a masterpiece for inner exploration. Creative illustrations, heartfelt examples, and insightful descriptions bring clarity to emotional recovery. Donna’s writing stimulates authentic feelings through the use of shamanic ceremony and contemplative meditations. This book is highly recommended for searchers of peace by providing clear, authentic processing in a joyful manner.” – Rebecca Austill-Clausen, award-winning author of Change Maker, How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life

“How often we try to control feelings we don’t like, yet they have a life of their own. In As you Feel So You Heal, author Donna DeNomme takes you on a powerful journey through hidden, sabotaging feelings to uncover your sweet spot of deeply knowing you are more than enough! If you are ready to have what you want, this book is for you. I highly recommend.” –  Deborah Sandella PhD, RN, #1 International Bestselling author of Goodbye Hurt & Pain

About Our Author:

Donna DeNomme, MA, is an award-winning, internationally published author of self-help and motivational books. With a background in traditional and depth psychology, rites of passage, and ceremonial traditions, she recognizes that ceremonies give us a deeper understanding of self, as well as a sense of security, belonging, and purpose. Donna was voted Colorado’s “Spiritual Health Guru” by the prestigious 5280 Magazine for her unique combination of innovative therapeutic and self-realization techniques. She has been a Master Success Coach in private practice since 1987.

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