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–or–A Witchy Healthy View

With new beginnings and new year’s resolutions all around us, many of us have the goal of improved health and wellness foremost in our minds as we start a new decade. We asked our own T.J. Perkins, author of The Healthy Witch, to pen this week’s guest author blog post about this vital topic. To further help our community as we seek greater health in 2020, Red Feather is hosting a “Healthy New Year Giveaway“: 6 of our most popular titles on the topic of health and wellness will be given away FREE to one of our lucky readers! This set includes T.J. Perkin’s newest book:

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And now for our Guest Author Blog:

A Witchy Healthy View
by T.J. Perkins

Nowadays we’re bombarded with all sorts of ways to get healthy. Experts are pushing their mind/body/spirit ideas, exercise tips, diet tricks and the like. My book, The Healthy Witch, is not a one-stop cure-all. It’s a lifestyle change that shows you how to adjust your life to healthy habits. This cute little holistic workbook walks you through each organ and shows you how they align with the solstices, the elements, the chakras, and much more.  Although The Healthy Witch suggests that you do as much as possible without conventional allopathic medicine, sometimes medical intervention becomes necessary.  If you need to take medicine, by all means, do so. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

As you take your time and process your journey, you will personalize which organ needs healing as it pertains to you and your situation based on the hints, tips, and suggestions offered in each section of The Healthy Witch.  This is not a “quick read” as some might think. You can use the information in this book over and over, either pinpointing a particular organ or using bits and pieces of the spells and rituals.

After you’ve designated which organ(s) you need to focus upon, you move onto the next section of spells and fun witchy activities. These will focus on healing the intended organ(s).  The next section offers a year of ritual to help you focus on your healing in a deep and spiritual nature.

A healthy witch is a successful witch, and you must be healthy from the inside out to manifest what you desire in your life.  Your energy will not flow smoothly and your magick can fizzle out if you’re not feeling your best, in pain, or if there’s an energy block within your body.  The Healthy Witch covers your mind, body, and spirit, but what about your soul?

What does it mean to be truly healthy in your soul?

It’s no mystery that a healthy soul aligns with the mind/body/spirit philosophy. One is the extension of the other. Many may think, “If the rest of me is healthy then the soul is, too.”  Not always so.

A healthy soul is the deep peace that comes once you eliminate all the negativity from your life. We begin by observing the choices we make for the physical body, and then moving on to the mind, etc.  Maintaining a balance in life leads to a healthy soul.

Deep inside, each of us holds all of the tools needed to create perfect health within the body and mind. Jointly, you can use them for the evolution of the soul.  You will be able to accept what is unchangeable as well as be free from excessive, prolonged anxiety in the face of change, whether change to your habits, changes to your diet, or change through a new lifestyle. However, the soul will suffer within individuals who are wrapped up in their own selfish desires, fits of anger, jealousies, suspicions, or problems.

Letting go…that is the key. Letting go of negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. And it’s all empowered by your mind.

Instead of treating symptoms alone, a holistic approach aims to treat the whole person and to uncover the origin of issues, which in many cases may have nothing to do with the body itself. The term “holistic health” emerged as doctors began to embrace the understanding that your state of mind plays a critical role in the health of your body. Therefore, the state of the body is an outward manifestation of the state of the mind and the desires of the spirit/soul. By observing our actions, emotions and thoughts, we begin to understand the workings of the soul. Remember: think pretty thoughts, for what you think, believe, and feel will ultimately manifest within and without.

But what does this process look like in action? Let’s explore two examples to further illustrate:

EXAMPLE 1:  You crave sweets.  It’s not an inherited trait or something you need to stop, but more like something you need to control.  As we know, sugar is very addictive and the mind makes you believe you need it, mostly during stressful situations. Once you understand this on a mental level, sugar begins to lose its allure. You can then choose to eat in ways that are healthful and balanced. By allowing the sweet taste to be a preference or treat and not an addiction, you can choose to indulge when it will not create greater imbalance in your body and mind. The same holds true with caffeine and clutter that you just can’t seem to release.

EXAMPLE 2: By holding on to past emotions from failed relationships, abuse in all forms, loneliness, anger, or frustration, you can actually summon them in your current life.  When you dwell on or refuse to let go of such negative patterns, they will manifest all around you in unexpected ways, like a dirty, cluttered home, dust balls, mold, an unkempt yard, or broken items that you never fix or discard. Even the simplest items—such as a constant dirty bathroom or cobwebs in corners that you never clean—can be caused by emotions that you won’t let go and cleanse from your life. They will slowly amass around you until you feel blinded and suffocated by their presence in your life, making you physically sick and bring you down.

Once we turn our attention inward, we can uncover the higher self and discontinue these disease-creation patterns that influence the physical body. When the soul is free to vibrate at its highest frequency, you will feel a deep sense of connection and bask in radiant health.

10 Rules for a Healthy Soul

  1. Let go of negative thinking
  2. Let go of wanting more than you need
  3. Surround yourself with positive people
  4. Let go of past life regrets and current relationship regrets
  5. Meditate every day if possible
  6. Exercise for 30 – 45 minutes a day
  7. Do things that you love
  8. Build confidence and self-esteem
  9. Connect with nature, especially the elements
  10. Sync your energy with the of the Will of the Goddess (or whichever deity you choose)

Creating and maintaining a healthy soul will always be a work in progress. Even when you achieve what you desire, there is always something that can knock you off balance and force you to reevaluate, redo, and rebalance—and that’s okay. Follow the guidelines in The Healthy Witch and integrate your own routine, formulate your own plan, and go at your own pace.

            Blessed Be.

TJ Perkins has been practicing Wicca for 13-plus years, achieving the status of second degree and Journeywoman. TJ has gone through years of experimenting, trying new techniques, and trusting in the Goddess to bring you this guide. Her prior book, Four Little Witches, won the 2016 COVR Visionary Art Award.
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