Honoring the Spring Equinox with

Honoring the Spring Equinox with "Ostara Tarot"

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  • Mar, 19 , 22

The Vernal equinox, Ostara, wakes the city after winter. It's the time to reflect on your relationship with the Earth and pay homage to the natural world. Ostara lets us revel in the romantic moments where you can be a part of the nature around you. This is Ostara Tarot's goal. 


Our Ostara Reading...with Ostara Tarot and Shamanic Healing Oracle 

To honor Ostara, we did a personal Tarot reading (with a little help from one of our favorite oracle decks, Shamanic Healing Oracle,) to help us set our intentions for the Spring season ahead. 

The spread is simple: identifying what are our SEED, STEM, PRUNE, WATER, and BUD is. When using just a Tarot deck, this is a five-card spread--feel free to use an Oracle deck or other card divination system to help clarify the reading. We found that Shamanic Healing Oracle and Ostara Tarot work well together and received a stronger message using both. 


"The Hanged Man" Reversed: It's time to "plant" your lack of faith in your intuition and instincts. If you've been doubting yourself, it's necessary resolve whatever inner turmoil isn't allowing you to trust yourself--this is how you bloom. 


IV Swords Reversed: Your stem, or foundation "growing" forward, is to focus on the word "No." You may have been putting yourself and your needs last and so it is time to prioritize you. The time to set boundaries is now! 


The Devil: This card signifies the need to release bad habits, subconscious thoughts, or our own brash decisions. New relationships, internal and external, flourish when we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and judgements. 


IX Coins: Revel in your success and enjoy yourself without guilt. Ostara is the time to rejoice in the beauty of self-love--it is not selfish, but necessary. 


II Swords: Looking ahead, this card tells us to refrain from indecisive actions or thinking. When posed with two options, be open (emotionally and mentally,) to see the correct course to take. 

*We needed some further clarification on the II Swords/BUD pull. For this, we brought out the Shamanic Healing Oracle deck, which provided the following message: 

Truth/The Eagle: the shadows of this situation may be distorting your ability to see the whole picture. The Eagle encourages us to search for the truth, no matter what emotions may be stirred, because hiding from the truth will only prolong the hurt. 


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