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–or–Why the Moon is essential to…everything

by Irene Lauretti, author of Feeling Great With the Moon

Feeling Great With The Moon:
A Guide to Activating Your Cosmic Energies
by Irene Lauretti

You would not be here without the moon. You would not have a body without the moon. Our planet would not exist without the moon.

Does this sound strange to you?

It is not.

We would not exist as we do without the moon.

It is both a spiritual as well as a scientific fact that we would not exist as we do without the moon.

From a spiritual point of view, the moon is the mediator between the sun and earth. The earth and the physical world are the product of this mediation just as your body and your reality is the product of the mediation of your Soul between Spirit and Body.

Your Soul creates its body and reality through its 12 Soul Gates, and these 12 Soul Gates correspond to the 12 Gates of the Zodiac which the moon passes through each month.

Twelve is the cosmic number of creation. The word “cosmos” itself finds its roots in ancient Greek and means “order.” It is the order of the 12 forces that create the world by uniting themselves and coming together in a specific order. This order is given to us by the moon each month on its voyage around the earth. All of physical existence is created and formed by the 12 cosmic forces that are divided into 4 elemental groups of 3 forces.


In short, this is the code of creation which YOU yourself are, a Life Flow whose energy gates can be unlocked using 12 organ Keys. Each of your organs is connected to a specific Soul Gate. For example, the heart and its heart flow unlock the Soul Gate of Leo, which is located on the top of your head: the crown chakra. Your Scorpio Soul Gate at your solar plexus, on the other hand, is opened by your kidney energy.

You create your body and your reality through these 12 Gates, by opening them in the order revealed to you by the moon. This is a process nobody can escape. We cannot escape the laws of creation, at least not while we are incarnated on this earth.

What you CAN do, however, is become CONSCIOUS of this ongoing process, since creation is an ongoing process, a coming together and cooperation of these 12 forces every day, every month, all the time…until you die. Becoming conscious of the continuous process of creation given to us by the Moon each month of its cycle around the earth means to become conscious of your SELF and to truly EMPOWER your SELF.

A person who is conscious of HOW the physical world, the body, and reality is created, virtually owns the key to everything: to Life, to Success, to health and even eternal youth. It is a path and at the same time, the goal. Walking this path simply means to follow the moon. This is what my book Feeling Great with the Moon: A Guide to Activating Your Cosmic Energies is all about.

Applying the ancient wisdom of energy healing enables us to virtually tune into the vibrations given to us by the moon on its path through the 12 Cosmic Gates of Creation.

When the moon reaches the Gate of Leo for example, you tune into your heart by activating your heart energy. Activating your heart energy is simple but extremely effective: you can simply hold a specific finger by wrapping the fingers of the other hand around it (in this case the small finger). Lovingly hold your finger for a few minutes and LOVE your heart energy while imagining it in its energizing color bright red.

Imagine the heart bright red with energy

Doing this simple exercise for even just a few minutes will “open your heart,” start your heart energy flowing, and open Leo’s Soul Gate at the top of your head, your Crown chakra. If you do this while the Moon resides in Leo, all your body functions will start working in harmony with your heart energy as the leader. If the heart energy is strong on that day, all of your other body energies will be nourished with the vital life energy from the source. Loving your heart and communicating with it will establish a vital connection of trust between you and your “tool of creation,” which you will then be able to consciously use to create the reality your Soul desires.

Creation is a process. You should get into the habit of tuning your organs into the cosmic vibrations given by the moon DAILY; doing so will in time transform your life and your body into complete harmony, health, and success.

It is essential to know the daily position of the moon for the process of tuning your body into the vibrations of the moon. To this end, I am thrilled to announce the release of my new phone App: LunaJin® Moon&Health[1] This is the only App available to show the daily moon position worldwide as well as the organ connection and the whole activation program to tune your body into the cosmic vibrations given to you by the moon!

LunaJin® Moon&Health

Tuning your body into the daily vibrations of the Moon is EASY! As easy as holding a specific finger and visualizing the associated organ lovingly in its energizing color. If you wish to go even deeper into your body (the finger works more on the emotions level) you can use the full activation sequences to activate the organ flows directly. All you need to do is place your hands on specific energy locks as detailed in my book, Feeling Great With the Moon, and in my App.

LunaJin® Moon&Health
Available for Android now! iPhone version coming soon.

To begin, I suggest doing the Life Flow daily: It is your personal Source out of which you create your reality over and over again. You are the creator of your life. It’s time to make Life work for YOU by tuning yourself into the cosmic vibrations given to you by the Moon each day!

January 23rd, 2020
Moon in Capricorn: Umbilicus Energy

Today is January 23rd, 2020, and the Moon is in Capricorn: Umbilicus Energy.  Capricorn is represented by the Umbilicus Energy in your body–the energy of fertility, pregnancy and the base energy for all other organ flows. Capricorn’s Soul Gate is located at the root chakra and opened by simply holding the palm of your hand and activating the flow sequence explained in great detail in my book Feeling Good With the Moon as well as guided through the App.

Imagine your Hara (the area between the umbilicus and pubic bone) in a bright red-orange, the color in which even your DNA vibrates. Activating this energy means activating and cleansing your DNA and transforming your whole life from deep within.


Love and Light,


Feeling Great With the Moon
by Irene Lauretti
Available online or from your local bookstore!
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