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by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, creator of RedFeather’s long-anticipated newest release, Dark Goddess Tarot, as well as Goddesses A to Z, a delightful ABC book that teaches children about 26 goddesses from 19 cultures around the world!

Our world is getting darker. The year has already been a doozy — enough that even the most resolute among us may be concerned about getting through another dreadful day or endless night. When I wrote the words, “The Dark Goddess Tarot is inspired by and intended for troubled times,” I did not envision all the troubles that followed. Yet I did create a steadfast guide to help me through these times. The cards invoke goddesses who have much to say about power, courage, authenticity, and survival. Goddesses who may challenge me themselves, but who do so knowing how strong I can and need to be.

What say the figures of the Dark Goddess Tarot now? In this magical moment that stretches between us, between me writing these words and you reading them, I ask the cards to speak to these things — to what will bring you courage, authenticity, survival, and power in our troubled times. For myself, I wish my virtual hugs could reach you and make everything better, but since they cannot, let’s see what the Dark Goddesses have to say. This is why they have come. 

About Keeping a Courageous Heart

          The Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of the Blood, IV Sovereignty

When you set boundaries, it’s easier to find your courage. Draw the line, and do not let another redraw it for you. Draw the line to protect what you hold most dear, whether that is a child, a wood, or an ideal. Set the line that cannot be crossed and will not be moved. When you draw that line, you commit yourself to standing with and for what you have claimed as essential. Fight for these things. Fight for them not because you are brave but because it is automatic to jump to their defense, because they belong to your world, and a world without them is unacceptable.

About Maintaining Your Authentic Being

          Oya, Santeria Goddess of the Whirlwind, Witch of Air

Authenticity has nothing to do with staying in your zone and remaining unchanged. Change is at the heart of being alive, and transformation is the hope of every striving soul. Within the whirlwind that is your life there is a center of being, a core of truth, a seed of power and purity. Authenticity comes from action, not reaction. Action is movement that comes from the inside out, from understanding that your soul is the spinning dynamo that pumps your blood and inflates your lungs and lifts your arms to the sky. Dance and dance again. It is movement that saves you from paralysis and puppetry.

About Surviving Perilous Times

          Hekate, Greek Goddess of the Crossroads, Two of Fire

First have faith that a future worth living lies ahead of you. Survival requires knowledge of both where you are and where you intend to be. Stay current, stay aware, for the road ahead is changing. Be ready to notice moments of opportunity that arise, for there will be moments where you can move toward a more positive situation. Survival requires discerning from the tangle the thread that leads to your best future, discernment requiring both sense and sensitivity. The path must feel right and prove right. This is no time for rationalizing decisions to yourself. If it is a good one, you will not need to talk yourself into it.

About Knowing and Using Your Power

          She Who Watches, Chinook Stone Chief, Hag of Earth

Ask yourself, of what are you made? What about you endures? What inner resources have helped this be so? What outer love or purpose has helped this be so? Though standing in your power means more than endurance. It is holding fast to your values. It is honoring the acquired wisdom of yourself and your ancestors. It is knowing power comes from connection to your surroundings, your community and our beloved Earth. It is knowing that holding power means giving it back. Humanity sickens and hurts, but the Great Ones have not ceased bestowing their blessings. Give and receive the sacred with open eyes and open hands.

With blessings in the darkness,

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Enjoy this brief flipthrough of the Dark Goddess Tarot:

About the Author:

For Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, working with the Tarot is an integral part of her spiritual path. From the 1985 women’s retreat where she was given her first deck, to the cards she draws today, Tarot is her companion on her path to the Goddess, and her primary tool in her practice of divination, her art of having a conversation with the divine. 

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