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Lenormand decks vs Lenormand of Enchantment: What’s the real difference?

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  • Nov, 10 , 22

A deck is one of the most powerful tools used to connect with your clients by offering them relevant and accurate information, making their experience meaningful and keep having them coming back for more. With this in mind, the typical Lenormand deck while modernized, can leave you hanging when it comes to antiquated meanings that offers little or no insight to your client’s life. This is true, until the Lenormand of Enchantment guidebook hit the scene.


Typical guidebooks or “little white book” vs Lenormand of Enchantment guidebook


Most guidebooks today included with the decks are lackluster with minimal information to say the least, meanings that just don’t apply to your client’s day to day lives. This leaves the reader struggling to find applicable meanings while battling with fluidity, and that’s not good for business. With the Lenormand of Enchantment’s guidebook, you will be thrust into an immersive experience full of relevancy and insight, providing multiple options to choose from on a vast array of topics, leaving you never at a loss for words.


A decks guidebook is one of the most powerful pieces of literature you can have in your arsenal, for it is the “how to” of using the cards. The stunning artwork in this deck will mesmerize your clients, while the keywords are woven into the poems to be used as mnemonic gives you more than enough words to start combining and contriving your own meanings. Traditionalist will be pleased as original meanings of the cards are honored while taking the liberty to expand and modernize the keywords and combinations, leaving the reader with a unique perspective of each card.


What makes the Lenormand of Enchantment so special?


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Modern meanings and original combinations never seen before
  • A different way to see the cards, expands your frame of reference
  • Brings a bit of enchantment into your life
  • Hidden tidbits of information scattered throughout the text “if you know, you know”
  • Stunning artwork with a modern take of the classic images
  • A 200 plus page guidebook full of relevant combinations on vast array of topics
  • Not your grandmother’s deck! This one will make you blush


To create a successful system of reading the cards, you need experience. Looking at the available writings out there or the “little white book” included no longer satisfies the needs of the modern client, leaving the reader struggling to fit meanings that just don’t make sense when looked through the lens of today.


This guidebook was written with the professional reader in mind, by drawing on three decades of reading face to face clients gives me a unique perspective into what clients are preoccupied with in their lives, and insight to the answers they are seeking. So, whether you are a professional or just someone that loves to read the Lenormand seeking answers for yourself and friends, this deck is for you. Written with intent to minimize the gap between the past by ushering the Lenormand into a new generation for ease of use. The Lenormand of Enchantment has the most extensive lexicon of relevant combinations on the market today, all this in a guidebook is what makes this set unique and very special.


Ok, so if I buy this box set, what’s in it for me?


You will be getting a stunning deck with a full guidebook.


By learning this system, you will gain the confidence to read like a pro, and the potential to read for profit if you choose. There is no shortage of people seeking good guidance and willing to pay for a service that enriches their lives, especially with the current turmoil happening in the world, which there are many references made in the guidebook to current times.


For the experienced reader, I am offering you a breath of fresh air by seeing the cards in a different way, expanding your own frame of reference and offering even more to your clients. For the tarot reader, I challenge you to pick up this boxset and add it to your repertoire, offering something new for your clients. For the new reader, by learning this system you will receive accurate unbiased answers leaving no room for guesswork. And finally for the aficionado, I offer you a stunning first edition boxset for your growing collection.


So, what are waiting for? Get your copy of the Lenormand of Enchantment today and add a bit of magick in your life!



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