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Embrace your creative self this week with a personal message to inspire you by artist Amy E. Chace, creator of Manifesting Your Greatness: An Oracle Deck and The Manifestation Journal.

EXTRA fun to be had with the Manifesting Your Greatness Oracle Deck by Amy Chace!


My name is Amy Chace, and I created the Manifesting Your Greatness Oracle deck.  When people ask me how to use my deck, first I tell them to meditate on the issue at hand or simply ask, “What do I need to know for today?” Next, shuffle the cards until one or two pop out or distinguish themselves in some way. Read the blurbs in the companion guide about the cards you’ve chosen. If you need more information or clarification, pull another card. So there you have the basics of how a newbie to oracle decks can dive right in and start playing with my deck. But, I have a feeling that y’all are not newbies. I also suspect that most of you have been cooped up to various extents due to these odd times we are currently living in.  

So, I thought to myself —

Let’s get weird…together!

1.  Craft your own caption. Most of my cards feature one or more characters in their image. Grab a card, study the character(s) you see and create a caption. What does the character want or need to tell you? What does it look like they need to say? You can look at it almost like a comic book. What are they thinking or feeling? What is going through their head? Write it down. You might just discover that kernel of sage advice you’ve been seeking within it, or at the very least a cool writing prompt for some creative writing may reveal itself. Which brings me to the next fun (if a tad weird) idea —

2.  Creative writing prompts.  You could pull a card and study it and then write that character’s backstory or origin story.  Write a story from this character’s life. You could simply start the story with the character starting a journey, like the Fool from a Tarot deck. 

3. Meditation. Sometimes we shuffle, pull a card, and read the accompanying guidebook. However, there are much more to these cards than words. The art is there for you to intuit from or to simply ponder.  Pull a card or two and then sit with the card, looking over the image. Most of my cards have a lot of little details, little crevices into which you can peer and explore more deeply. You can also zoom out and take in the big overall picture to get some perspective. Relax and look! It will be fun, and might just inspire your next great creation.

4.  Haiku. Yep, I said it: haiku. That whole 5-7-5 poetry deal-io. You could do an oracle reading for yourself and then, once you’ve taken in the full meaning personally, write your own haiku poem from your realizations. My Manifestation Journal is the perfect place to record your haiku as well as any other thoughts or inspirations that you create! (See how I not-so-subtly worked my journal into this? Marketing, baby.)

5. Make Your OWN Oracle Card. You could make a new oracle card for yourself or for a friend. I think we all need personal, visual reminders of where we’ve been, who we are, and where we wish to go. These images inspire our journey when we’re struggling. Now’s the time to create a tangible representation of this personal advice to yourself (or your friend) in the form of an all-new oracle card. If it’s for yourself, add it to your Manifestation Oracle deck. On the other hand, do you have a friend to whom you’re desperate to give advice, but you’re actively minding your own business?? I have a friend whom I felt needed two pieces of advice, so I made two new oracle cards to symbolically reveal my suggestions. Here they are —

Please bear in mind that this is a creative exercise. I would NOT necessarily show them to said friend. Tread carefully with your friendships. If the friendship lends itself to this type of honesty, then you will know. If you are not sure, please do not share it. I repeat: this is a creative exercise. However, these cards very well may end up in my next deck seeing as someone clearly needs them.

6. Use the oracle deck with your favorite Tarot deck! Not weird per sé by today’s standards, but it is great to know that my deck works with tarot spreads as well. So if you see a cool spread and you ‘get’ my deck, then go for it.  Some friends I know did some great readings using my deck with a spread, so I tried it too! You can see mine at .

7. Art Journaling prompts. There are so many ways to use this deck for art journaling prompts.  You can simply start by drawing your own version of one of my characters then see where it goes from there. Maybe you draw multiple characters. Do they speak to each other? I also suggest you put the character into a world of their own by adding a background. Another way to jump in is by picking a word from a card and writing it over and over across a page with a highlighter in big loopy script, then doodle boldly over that and see what that opens up into, visually or emotionally. 

So there you have it: Seven intriguing ways to take your play and creativity to the next (or seventh?) level! Now, go forth and use your creative being to manifest your awesome greatness. I’d love to hear your own ideas and find out what you’ve been manifesting! You can find me on Instagram @chaceamy or on Facebook as Amy Chace.



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