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I love the coming of Spring. Although I enjoy each distinctive season in its own right, there is something so refreshing, so charming, and well, INSPIRING about Springtime. It’s as though the season of new growth, budding vegetation, and mating spurs us all to dream of what might be.

In many ways, the other three seasons of the year—Summer’s abundance, Autumn’s release, and Winter’s introspection—can be seen as working together in a sort of synergistic love to prepare the world for the surging potentiality of Spring.

The start of Spring is honored different ways in our communities. We celebrate the vernal equinox on March 20th this year as the “real” arrival of Spring. Some celebrate Ostara, as darkness and light are of equal duration, but soon light will conquer the dark nights of Winter with bright Summer days.

Others celebrate Easter (on April 4th in 2021, the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox). Easter commemorates hope and resurrection for many around the world. Of course, we know the words “East” and “Easter” find their namesake in the goddess of Springtime, Eostre, and her ancient Saxon festival.

No matter how you choose to welcome Lady Spring, similar themes and symbols are interwoven into our modern Spring observances, from painted eggs (symbols of life and creation) to the bunny rabbit or sacred hare (symbols of fertility). Many mythologies around the world—from India to China and into Egypt as well as amongst the Druids—recount that the world hatched from a cosmic egg.

This issue of Inspired Magazine is packed with new insights to give us hope. Inside its covers explore a wide array of topics, including contact with aliens, Jungian depth psychology, ancient cultures, astrology as self-help, and how to make a tarot deck truly your own. Learn techniques to choose faith over fear in these troubled times as well as a natural form of healing that is always available to you, no matter your budget! Find out where science meets spirituality and build a better tomorrow with the magic of numerology. There’s even an article about rabbit wisdom to share with the children in your life.

REDFeather dedicates this issue to the Reawakening of Spring and its promise that, no matter how dark the winter was, all can be made new!

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