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–or–How I Started Channeling by Barry Strohm

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Speaking With Spirits

Did you ever wonder what it would be like have conversations with spirits?  I can tell you that once you understand what is taking place, it is an amazing experience.  For the first 60 years of my life, I did not even believe in ghosts, so it took a little time to realize what was happening when we first started in the world of paranormal investigating.  Having a civil engineering license and a business management degree did not exactly prepare me for communicating with unseen energies.  I had worked in heavy construction and the stone quarry industry all my life.  Speaking to ghosts was not exactly in my resume.  In those days I made fun of psychics performing what I am now capable of doing.

 I started like any paranormal investigator by using a ghost box.  This is a radio that has been modified to rapidly scan the radio dial setting up a background noise.  A spirit will use this radio energy and speak actual words. It is definitely unnerving the first time you hear the actual words of a spirit.  For those of you that have never heard a ghost speak, here is a clip from my YouTube channel where you can hear one of our resident ghosts, Jeffery Silverman, give his last name. 

A ghost box is an interesting device, but its capabilities are limited. The words are often very hard to hear and there are times the spirit may simply not want to expend the energy to form words.  I was introduced to some very good psychics and amazed how they could communicate with the other side.  Unfortunately, at that stage of my development, there was no way I could talk to them myself.  Fortunately, we had friends in Salt Lake City, Utah that held the key to being able to speak to spirits pretty much whenever we desired.

Our friends in Salt Lake used a special channeling board, not an Ouija board, to talk to the other side.  They had been board channeling for over 40 years.  One evening they invited me to sit in on one of their sessions.  The first message they received was “hello Barry, we were waiting for you.”  We were given a special prayer of protection, told to never invite evil and our learning adventure began.  You can see information on board channeling by going to my website, www.spiritspredict.com and go to the page entitled “Board Channeling.”  Since that time, we have taught multiple individuals to get messages from the other side using a board and it is my belief that everyone has the ability to learn to speak with the spirits.

My wife and I found out that it was a slow process learning to board channel without partnering with someone possessing proven psychic abilities.  It took us a couple of years to become proficient, but the effort was worth it.  As our abilities increased, we found out that communication was possible with both animal and human spirits. You can hear us communicate with our cats below:

We even channeled with our cat, Bodie, when he was on the other side.  You can read the incredible story of how we talked to him on the other side and arranged his reincarnation at https://www.wordsofgodthenandnow.com/bodie-is-back.  If you are a pet lover, this story will warm your heart.

For several years we relied exclusively on messages received on the channeling board.  For those of you that have watched movies about the evils of channeling boards, we probably used one over 500 hours with no problems.  We never commence a session without saying our prayer of protection.  Many of my early YouTube videos were made with messages received on the channeling board.

As our abilities increased on the board, I began to hear the words in my head as they were being spelled.  For the last couple of years, I have been able to hear the messages mentally and just speak the words of the spirit as I receive them.  This ability has increased our capability to record long and detailed messages from the souls on the other side.  We have been amazed at the souls that have come through for interviews.  Our Speaking to Spirits series on my YouTube channel has featured interviews with spirits such as Tesla, President Kennedy, Constantine the Great, Saint Peter, Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe and many others.  We have used the Monroe and Williams interviews in a campaign aimed at suicide prevention. The Speaking to Spirits series can be viewed here:

Another interesting aspect of our channeling abilities has been assisting police departments in working on cold cases.  In one instance when working with detectives on a case in the mid-west, at the beginning of the interview we gave them the names of their two suspects in the case.  They had trouble believing that we had the presence of the murder victim and she could actually answer their questions.  Unfortunately, the information gained from spirits is not admissible in court.  I am continuously amazed at the information that is made available to us.

Perhaps the most amazing information we have gained is from channeling information from the holiest of spirits, including Jesus.  He has given us information about his life and teachings, including the details about what took place during the 28 years not referenced in the Bible.  We have also received information from Mary, Joseph and the rest of the Disciples and Apostles.  On Dec. 22nd we will actually do a Facebook live session in which Jesus and Mary will bring the listeners a Christmas message.  You can view our channeling sessions with Jesus on my YouTube channel that I’ve referenced earlier in this blog post.

I currently have 5 books with Schiffer that are based on our gift of spirit communication.  In one book we addressed 27 different conspiracies including the assassination of President Kennedy.  He tells us who shot him, and it was not Oswald.  In another chapter of the conspiracy book, you will learn that John Wilkes Booth was not killed after the Lincoln assassination. Having the ability to talk to the individuals that lived an event is a wonderful way to learn history.  In two of the books, we even channel the spirit of an alien to find out what is really out there.  It has truly been a unique experience going from a non-believer to a person that can communicate with the holiest of spirits.  If any of you would like to discuss the journey, I can be reached at onestrohm@gmail.com

Barry will be interviewed on a very special podcast this evening by another of our talented authors, Marla Brooks! Click the following link to listen:


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