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RedFeather is delighted to invite you to join us on our next spirited adventure:

We welcome you to RedFeather’s inaugural issue of Inspired, our quarterly Mind-Body-Spirit Magazine that we hope will become an enduring tradition throughout the years to come. With the magazine’s release, however, we find ourselves and our world not just in flux, but in crisis.

How—in the midst of this world-sequestering pandemic, the tragic events exposing deep racial wounds, political and ideological polarization, as well as financial upheavals that have left many of us reeling—can anyone be inspired right now?

In times like these, it’s challenging to be inspired.

There’s a powerful lesson for all of us in the unfolding of these times, but it isn’t found in what we’ve lost or are afraid of losing. It’s found in the power of balance—the appreciation of how very fragile this gift we call “life” is. If Covid-19 has revealed anything, it’s shown us that we live in a complex world and thus a very fragile one. However, where some might see only fear and lost hope, I choose to see humanity’s next threshold moment.

What’s a threshold moment, you might ask?

On a farm, a threshold is where grain is separated from its husk (“threshed”). In science, a threshold is the lowest point that stimulates response in an organism. To most of us, a threshold is a doorway, entrance, or exit: limits that define where we came from to where we are going, separating what is useful from what is not.

Threshold moments are those monumental turning points that change life forever, like the moments we’re living through today. They remind us of what makes life worth living—what inspires us.

This issue of Inspired Magazine is full of inspirations to let your spirit take flight, such as:

  • Monica Bodirsky’s Shadow and Light
  • Jo Jayson’s Mothering the Self
  • Liz Barallon’s Learn the secret of the F.A.S.T.R Process
  • Donna DeNomme’s As You Feel, So You Heal
  • Peg Couch’s Creating Smudge Sticks
  • Pax Tandon’s Mindfulness Strategies During Covid-19 and Beyond
  • Ideas to Get Grounded
  • Alexandre Musruck’s The Art of Kipper
  • Amy Zerner’s Collaging a Soul Seal
  • Monte Farber’s Astrological Predictions
  • Messages of channeled incorporeal beings
  • Studying the Mysteries of the Grail

We dedicate this issue to embracing the threshold. Let’s be inspired to cross this threshold moment together and journey into a better world!

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