The Business of Creating: Exploring the Suits of The William Blake Tarot

The Business of Creating: Exploring the Suits of The William Blake Tarot

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  • Feb, 09 , 22

Within The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination, you'll find 79 cards (23 of them archtypal, called "Triumphs" and 56 "Creative Process" cards within the four suits.) A powerful tool for stimulating spiritual growth and connecting you to the divine nature of your own creativity, it is only right that the creator of this Tarot deck, Ed Buryn, took some liberties when creating his divination system. 

In this blog, we will contextualize and offer greater insight into the four suits found within The William Blake Tarot: Painting, Science, Music, and Poetry--Blake's four primal expressions of the divine imagination. 

Painting Suit -- Water

The embodiment of Inner Vision. Giving form to Spiritual Light. Path of Sensation and Spirit. This suit can also be read as the Pentacles Suit within a traditional Tarot deck. 

While it is possible to read the cards within the Painting Suit as Pentacles, it is important to note that each card comes with a "Creative Process" reading--an important addition, as Blake considered painting to be one of the four eternal arts of humankind. 

"Straining to speed things up only produces anxiety, so wait for things to unfold according to their own timing." -- excerpt from the book, Seven of Painting/Patience 

Science Suit -- Air 

The Challenge of Self-Understanding. Striving to know self & world. Path of Intellect & Learning. This suit can also be read as the Swords Suit within a traditional Tarot deck. 

A forward thinker, often considered a "prophetic" artist, William Blake believed that the Sciences were as much an art form as any other creative pursuit. If Art is "why we are here", Science is "how". Both are essential to explore. 

"Your imagination needs to be uncovered or unleashed by resolving contradictory elements and seeking spiritual guidance." -- excerpt from the book, Six of Science/Passage

Music Suit -- Fire

The Celebration of Life Force. Feeling with heart & soul. Path of Love & Beauty. This suit can also be read as the Cups Suit within a traditional Tarot deck.  

Loud and boisterous, music tears through the soul as fire does to wood or forest. Consuming and intoxicating, it is best to feed our desires in a healthy way--but not let them control us. 

"Exciting and joyous progress is taking place; blow your horn!" -- excerpt from the book, Three of Music/Exuberance 

Poetry Suit -- Earth 

The Expression of Eternal Truth. To speak from prophetic inspiration. Path of Individuality & Revelation. This suit can also be read as the Wands Suit within a traditional Tarot deck.  

As a poet and prophetic thinker, William Blake excelled in poetry--but not while he was alive. Blake would only go on to be recognized for his work long after his physical form left the earth. In exchange, we are left with a legacy and artistry that is still relevant today. 

"Maintain your artistic tenacity and courage despite any criticism, disapproval, or influence of societal prejudices or market pressures." -- excerpt from the book, Seven of Poetry/Boldness 

I must Create a System,

or be enslav'd by another Mans

I will not Reason & Compare:

my business is to Create

To unlock your innate, divine creativity, shop The William Blake Tarot now! 


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