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by Mishal, author of The Book of Manifestations: Practical Ways to Manifest Your Deepest Desires.

The Book of Manifestations: Practical Ways to Manifest Your Deepest Desires
by Mishal

Why this pandemic is really our own doing

In 1935, one of the pioneers of quantum physics, Erwin Schrödinger, conducted a famous thought experiment. 

His aim was to showcase how quantum theory — the most successful theory ever proposed by the human mind (often accurate to within one part in 10 billion) — was really based on chance, luck, and probabilities.

In this experiment, a cat is placed in a sealed box, with a gun pointed at it. The trigger of the gun is connected to piece of uranium, which if decayed, sets off the trigger and kills the cat.

The uranium atoms can either decay or not; the cat either lives or dies. These are the only possible outcomes in this experiment, according to common sense.

But according to quantum theory, we do not know if the uranium has decayed, until we actually make an observation. So, in order to determine the state of the cat, we have to add the two possibilities of the decayed uranium and the intact uranium. Pre-observation, the cat is neither dead nor alive; it is represented as the sum of a dead cat and a live cat!

This bizarre way of looking at things is the cornerstone of quantum theory; and without it, modern electronics and even the very atoms of our body would cease to exist.

For the atomic world, everything is described by waves of possibilities, and atoms can be in many places at the same time. The larger the wave at a particular location, the greater the probability of finding the particle at that point, upon measurement. Objects spring into being once measurements are made, and these observations are, of course, made by conscious beings.

We often tell our friends, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” But in the quantum world, your friend could not only have her cake and relish it, but she could also be baking it and throwing it on her unfaithful boyfriend’s face, all at the same time! All this is possible, until the moment you actually observe her doing any one of the above.

According to the Copenhagen School of quantum theory, only when you walk into your friend’s house do you know what she is really doing with the cake. The cake enters a definite state (either consumed or set aside or in the oven or on the boyfriend’s face) and is no longer described as a wave of possibility. The probabilities of all the possible scenarios “collapse” into a single state being observed and common sense takes over.

The more frequently you have seen her fighting with the boyfriend in the past, the larger the possibility that this cake is going to be on his face when you enter. The more you have observed her as being a good friend to you, the greater the chances that a sizeable portion will be kept aside in anticipation of your arrival. Past observations and expectations make all the difference according to quantum theory.

How people expect their reality to play to out, is largely how it does play out for them. 

This phenomenon has never been more evident than in a time like this, with fear gripping the psyche of billions of people around the world, causing the reality around us to then reflect that state of awareness.

With countless people observing and dreading the virus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this situation has perpetuated for so long. 

It’s just physics doing its job.  

The Law Of Attraction says that what you give your attention to, grows; whether you want it to grow or not. The Universe does not understand sick or healthy, wanted or unwanted, stuck inside the house or free to do as you please; it only gives you more of what you focus your attention on.

The Universe only understands one sentence, “Yes, give me more of this please!”

It’s really as simple as that. There is no exclusion in this ‘attractive’ reality that we find ourselves in.

The media, then, and the importance we give to every bit of news that comes our way, has contributed in large part in making the situation what it currently is. Switch on the news and the pandemic is all over; go outside and the sea of masks reminds you of the state the world is in; talk to someone and they are most likely to bring up the news of the freshest case.

How often do we, as people, focus on what is going right with our lives? How often do you really hear someone saying things like–

  • “I’m so grateful the sun came up today.”
  • “Thank God the earth is continuing to spin on its axis.”
  • “I’m happy I have food to eat.”
  • “I am thankful for the fact that I have a pulse and am alive.”
  • “There are doctors out there working day and night to make the world a safer place for us.”
  • “This situation is really a blessing!”

Wave functions are collapsing for so many of the good things mentioned above because we expect them to happen automatically, based on what we have previously experienced. Past experience need not, but generally does, play a big part in setting our expectations for what may occur in the future.

People live out the reality they most expect (not hope) to be living out.

Our circumstances, then, stem from our expectations. Our expectations stem from our belief systems; our belief systems from our patterns of thought; and our patterns of thought from what we give our attention to.


Patterns Of Thought

Belief Systems


What we call “Reality.”

So, what this means is, the more attention you give to the virus, the more likely you are to attract it into your experience. The more attention you give to what is working well in your life, the more likely you are to attract those things into your experience. Your attention is what is molding the world around you.

If something bothers you, distract yourself from it. If someone tells you about how the number of cases has gone up in your locality, politely refuse to engage in such a conversation or walk away. And if something makes you happy, keep thinking about it for as long as possible. This practice will help protect your life from this dis-ease and from all sorts of negativity as well.

Spend all the attention-currency that you possess with finesse, and you’ll be amazed with how your life starts changing for the better. This is the perfect time for us as a species to really look at, and assess, the way we think and spread information.

What we see around us now is only one of the many possible states that exist. We get to pick and choose what we want to experience, by our continued attention to it. So the next time you hear or see something that isn’t to your liking, remember that you are choosing to experience it by giving it your attention.

Positive beings thrive no matter what the outside environment, simply because they are innately aware of the power of their thoughts and the Law Of Attraction.

Bottom Line: Don’t let the media create your future. Decide what you want to experience, give it as much of your attention as possible, and go ahead and live that reality with aplomb.


Author Bio:

Mishal Karamchandani has been a professor of economics for the past eight years. After completing his post-graduation at Lancaster University, Mishal came back to Mumbai to pursue a fulfilling and rewarding teaching career that also allowed him to explore his other interests including theatre, music, and writing.

The Law of Attraction has fascinated him since he was a teenager. Noticing that most LOA books rarely offer practical advice, Mishal decided to write The Book of Manifestations to help people use the Law on an everyday basis.  

Order The Book of Manifestations Today:

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