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“In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could to any person; I create myself.”

–Susan Sontag

Happiness: the state of pleasure, contentment, or joy.

Do you dream of an easier, calmer life, where problems slide off you like water off a duck — a life in which you can fully enjoy the joys of simply existing?

With 100% Happiness: A Guided Journal to Enhance Your Daily Life, you can write your way to the state of happiness, day by day.

Journaling awakens mindfulness, helping us stay present and granting us perspective. The act of writing our inner world down on paper offers us a safe space for emotional release and aids us in finding balance. It improves our self-acceptance and self-knowledge.

Studies have found that writing in a journal can even lead to better sleep, a stronger immune system, greater self-confidence, and a higher IQ.

Yet, many of us have tried over and over to keep a journal or diary, and find that we quickly become distracted, lose interest, or simply have no idea what to write about!

100% Happiness is a coaching notebook that takes the guesswork out of keeping a journal, making the dream of finding this elusive happiness a process rather than an ideal. It has the power to enhance your aptitude for happiness through three phases:

  1. Introspection
  2. Self-Challenge
  3. Action

Studies show that it takes three months to make a positive change in your life a habit. 100% Happiness contains 98 concepts — 98 precious secrets to help you learn the magical art of transformation — listed alphabetically from A to Z. These concepts help you make the small changes on a daily basis that you need to change your life’s course toward happiness.

Each letter of the alphabet reveals a “word of wisdom”, uncovering a key concept to meditate upon—first focusing inward (Introspection), then outward (Self-challenge), and finally spurring desired movement away from discontent and toward contentment (Action).

If you commit to the 98 days, this coaching notebook will be your traveling partner during your personal voyage that will lead you, little by little, to the habit of a happily fulfilled life.

Do not forget: happiness is inside you. You have the ability to access it at any given moment. This book will show you how.

Safe Journeys!

Your second life begins when you realize you have only one!

Raphaëlle Giordano

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Raphaëlle Giordano is a group coach and a qualified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator consultant. Founder of Emotone, she collaborates with creativity/innovation, communication, team cohesion, and stress management companies. She is a graduate from the École Estienne in art and techniques of communication, and her creative mark can be found not only in her pedagogic approach but also in her books. She is the author of the series Les Secrets du Docteur Coolzen (The Secrets of Dr. Coolzen) and the French bestseller Ta deuxième vie commence quand tu comprends que tu n’en as qu’une (Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Have Only One).
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