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–or–It’s Your Birthday!

The holidays may be upon us, but at REDFeather we know that the final weeks of December are a time to not only celebrate but also to take pause and reflect. With this in mind, we’ve asked astrologer Emily Klintworth to write a guest author blog post about preparing for the new year with astrology.

Your Best Time

by Emily Klintworth, Astrologer

Setting a goal for Jan. 1? (Hint: you’re doing it wrong)

Is Jan.1 the best time to set a new goal? This is a phenomenal question and one that I hope you’ve pondered…

Every time we ring in the new year, we’re asked to set a new and ambitious goal. Examples being: “Lose 10 pounds!” or “Join this Gym!” or “Learn to play the piano!”

Yet, how can we be so sure that this is the most appropriate time for us to make that commitment? And, using our own inner logic as a guide, could it even possibly be true that every Soul on earth is meant to make inner massive shifts like this at the same time?

My answer is simple, “No.”

January 1st is NOT the best time to set a new goal for most people.

So when is the ‘right time’?

As an Astrologer, I know that the birthday or ‘solar return’ is the most powerful time of year for inner shifts and energetic change. My short and easy answer to this is: “Your birthday is the best time to set ‘yearly’ goals.” Which is why I wrote a book that decodes your year, Your Cosmic Compass.

I don’t say this lightly and I’m sure my take is not in alignment with the time-honored tradition of setting a New Year’s Resolution. BUT before you think Jan.1 is without purpose, let me stop you. There is MASSIVE purpose in this collective shift we all experience.

I recommend using this time to grow the vision and claim the year. Ask yourself:

  • What do you want this year to be about?
  • If you could give a theme song to the year, what would you give it?

Get INTENTIONAL for this shift. It’s about a FEELING state. One that is not associated with winning or losing. It just is.

For me? My 2020 is the year of Integration (embodying more of Higher Self into my Soul).

My song?

Nice try. You should never reveal your power song for the year.

If you have a December or January birthday, you are one of the exceptions and I do recommend goal and intention setting at this time. Take a moment now to claim your year and to give meaning to it. Then pick your song and allow it to guide, provide moments of synchronicity, and get you back on track as you move through your year. Consider picking up my handy workbook, Claiming Your Power Through Astrology, as your guide.

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