A behind the scenes look at the creation of Powerful Perspectives: Part Three

A behind the scenes look at the creation of Powerful Perspectives: Part Three

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  • Feb, 01 , 23

RF: How do you use oracle cards? What are they? What do you want people to know about this deck?

Amanda: I’d like to field this one first. Oracle cards are not anything scary or “woo-woo”, though they have that reputation. Some people get scared off by the metaphysical or occultist theme that is tied to these types of tools. That’s exactly what they are. Depending on your belief system, you can call them divination tools, but I prefer to just call them tools. They offer easily available insight from what I call Spirit, which can be defined as any entity that is bigger than ourselves. Don’t like Spirit? Call it inspired advice. You can shuffle them like playing cards, or you can throw them all on the floor, or you can shuffle them in your hands and randomly pick as many as you like. Everyone seems to have their own style with how they shuffle and choose. A good way to start is to consider the areas of life you’d like advice on, shuffle the cards and pull a few. If the number is the right side up, your card is in the upright orientation. If the number is upside down, it’s in reversed orientation. Grab the book and read the interpretation to determine whether or not the advice resonates with you. Spend a few minutes looking at the card you drew. What do you notice? What does it mean to you? What do you feel?
Take some time to consider the advice given. Maybe even leave the cards out through the day so you can come back to the imagery and guidance later to see how it lined up with your day. On my Facebook and Instagram pages, I choose a card every day and post a message for the collective. I always think it’s interesting when I find ways it dovetails with my day and what has happened.
I want people to know that this deck is fun and whimsical. I want them to know that there are no rules. Keep a light heart, take the advice for what it is, and have fun ascribing your own meanings. A bird may not mean the same thing to you as it does to me. We have our own signs and symbols. These cards may just act as a tool to help you connect to your own intuition, which makes me super happy as well. Any way to get us reconnected to Spirit (or whatever you want to call it), makes me happy. Not using our intuition is like deciding to cut off one of our own arms because we have two. Intuition works hand in had with our emotions as a valuable guidance system to navigate our lives. Connect to it. Tap into it. Use it often, and watch it enrich your life. Add your own meanings and messages to these cards as you work with them over time so they become your trusted tool to connect with your higher self.
Amy: Amanda, I am really glad you addressed this. I am often asked about divination and how I reconcile that with all the various religious opinions. I believe in Energy. I believe in Spirit. I think to call oracle cards Divination is a wee bit of pigeon holing and sometimes a misnomer. I am not trying to tell you your future. I am trying to help you with the RIGHT NOW, with TODAY. You don’t need to know the future. You simply need to give yourself some tools, to use, to help center yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself. I also want people to view this deck, as well as my other deck, Manifesting Your Greatness, as a friend and ally.

RF: Thank you. I am sure people will be able to feel the caring and support that you both have packed into this deck.

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