A behind the scenes look at the creation of Powerful Perspectives: Part Two

A behind the scenes look at the creation of Powerful Perspectives: Part Two

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  • Jan, 31 , 23

RF: That was a great story about how you met? How did the process move along from there?

Amy: Well, I was working on a series of images that could be viewed from two directions and I was on a roll. I wanted to continue my Art roll and Amanda took on the challenge of finding inspired words for the images.

 Amanda: Amy would send me the raw images and I would stick them on my office wall. Each day I would come in to write (I try to write something every day), I would look at the art on my office wall and consider which one pulled me and why. That would be the piece of art I would take off the wall, write a number on the back and then free-write whatever popped into my head. I like to joke with people when I talk to them that I didn’t write this deck, Spirit did. When I started my mediumship work, I did a lot of automatic writing, which is just allowing myself to open and write whatever came in without judgement. I would edit my writing after I was done “receiving”. Even now, having edited the deck a bunch of times prior to the publication, I look at things and think, “I wrote that?!”

 The cool thing about this deck is that there is so much in each card. There are so many different signs or symbols that could call to you at different times. I loved receiving the art and seeing all of the different ways they could be interpreted. You can look at them upright, reversed, sideways, on a diagonal… anything goes with this deck. That’s another reason why, during the creation of the deck, I wanted to leave the interpretation open. So many people look at the books the first few times they use their decks, then ascribe their own meanings, seldom referring to the book after that. I wanted to stay true to this tool not being “mine”, so that it could be used by anyone who picks it up, no matter where they come from or what they believe.

 When the art was completed, the writing took a little longer and Amy had to give me a gentle kick in the butt to keep moving. Card 40 is actually about that, if you look at the description for the reversal. Amy has been a constant source of support and has helped me to see my own potential, even when I have a wobble every now and again. We started as internet randoms, but have become great friends and partners through this process. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with her well into the future. 

Amy: I only have one thing to add and since my language right now is art, here is some art:

More tomorrow...

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