A behind the scenes look at the creation of Powerful Perspectives: Part One

A behind the scenes look at the creation of Powerful Perspectives: Part One

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  • Jan, 30 , 23

RF: So with Amy being from the states and Amanda being from Canada, I must start by asking: How did you two meet?


Amy: Well, I started following her on Instagram and I really appreciated the way Amanda translates the messages from both her experience and from spirit. She has a gentle way with her delivery. I also loved that she could sum up a message in one paragraph. I don’t have all day to read a post. So I reached out because I had started a project that I didn’t want to do the writing for. And So I asked her. And it has been an amazing experience.
I am deeply glad that Spirit and the Instagram algorithm brought us together. Me being the main character in my own story wondered if I had anything to do with this manifestation and I mentioned to Amanda that I don’t think I actually orchestrated any of this and that she didn’t necessarily either. And that is when she told me…

Amanda: I knew that I was going to write a book or help others through my words. Through my automatic writing sessions I was told to keep putting my work out there on the internet and that the right person would see it.

I kept doing my card of the day posts and I kept doing readings. The more I opened the more I received. Soon I was booking three months in advance, then six, now over a year.

Spirit told me the right person was from New York. One day while browsing Instagram, I came across Amy’s posts using Manifesting Your Greatness. I was drawn to the deck and asked where I could get a copy and whether Amy would mind if I used it in my own card of the day.

Fast forward to where I started doing my interpretations of Amy’s cards. On my birthday, Amy told me she really liked my interpretations and I told her I loved her art. I took a shot and said we should work together. She said name the time and place and told me I just got an artist for my birthday.

Amy: and I got a writer! And that was the beginning. Chapter one if you will, Stay tuned for more glimpses from behind the scenes…



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