The Dream Gate

The Dream Gate

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  • Dec, 16 , 22

by Dr. Janet Piedilato

Dream.  Here is a word that encompasses a vast territory of experience that lies beyond time and space.  The ancient Egyptians defined “dream” not as an activity, not as a verb, but as a noun.  Dream for them was a place one went when one moved beyond waking consciousness.  The hieroglyph denoting “dream” is particularly interesting as it portrays an open eye along with an image of feet walking.   Dream, a place of awakening, of expanding our knowing, a place where we go to see beyond waking consciousness.  Yet how do we comprehend what we see and experience in dream?  That is the major stumbling block and reason for the great abandonment of dream material in modern times.  People simply fail to understand their dreams which appear in the clothing of the absurd, the confusing, terrifying, and often completely ridiculous.  Yet is there more to dream than this?  I believe the answer lies in the hidden beneath the dream’s manifest appearance.  What rises to the surface is often only a glimpse of what lies beyond it where the concealed dream message awaits to be uncovered.   The Dream Gate provides the guidance to sourcing these treasures giving the step by step instruction.   Within its pages one can find the tools which point the way to uncovering the meanings of the dream material.  It does not end there but moves on providing the steps to creating dream journals and unique personal dream dictionaries. These become cherished sanctuaries where we learn to see beyond what the eyes behold, listening to the voice within, interacting and communicating with each image as we expand our understanding.  

The Dream Gate will become a cherished companion, a guide accompanying each dreamer through each step of the way.  In the end it introduces the process of entering the waking lucid dream widening the dream territory with dream incubation techniques along with healing petition visionary experiences.  Sample waking dream guided journeys are presented mimicking the ancient pilgrimages to the sacred sleeping sanctuaries.   Expanding dream to include these waking lucid dream experiences extends welcome to those who rarely remember sleep dreams offering opportunity for all to experience the waking lucid dream state independent of sleeping.   As the author of The Dream Gate I know well the unending work as well as the great joys of delving into dreams.  I was born upon a dream and have lived my life forever waking forward with the treasures of dream.  In The Dream Gate I share examples from my own dream journey and give guidance with what I have gathered along the way that others may see the value of dream, entering into dream studies with the tools necessary to demystify and decode their dreams that they awaken to a better understanding of not only the dreams but of themselves.

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