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by Christopher R. McClure, Director of RedFeather Mind, Body, Spirit.

Red Feather’s Newest Evolution

As RedFeather Mind, Body, Spirit looks ahead to its fourth year as an imprint of Schiffer Publishing, we are continually looking for ways to serve the needs of our consumers and give them the high level of quality and innovation that they are accustomed to getting from us. This Summer we are proud to feature our first line of products: Four beautiful metaphysical bags! To understand how these came to fruition and where we are going, however, it’s helpful to know how we got here.

The seeds of RedFeather were sown in the late ’90s when Schiffer Publishing acquired a highly regarded line of metaphysical titles.  That move brought into our fold such classics such as Numerology and the Divine Triangle, The Planets series of astrology titles, and The RA Material, The Law of One, a series of channeled material (which celebrates its 40th anniversary next year) among many others. These set the stage for the eventual move into publishing Tarot and Oracle decks beginning with Major Tom’s Tarot of Marseilles and Sol Invictus: The God Tarot. Right away our passion for quality products was on full display as these decks were printed on premium card stock, housed in sturdy boxes with magnetic enclosures, and had ribbon pulls. A first in the industry.

Sol Invictus: The God Tarot
by Kim Huggens & Nic Phillips

The fusion of innovative content with product came in 2010 with the release of The Transparent Tarot, (now in its second edition), which took the divination community by storm. It featured see-through cards, a comprehensive book, and also a reading cloth to build one-of-a-kind spreads. The Ghost Hunters Tool Kit came the next year which included dowsing rods and, in the intervening years, there have been other forays into products such as The Pendulum Kit. In order to decide where to go next with our offerings we, of course, turned to retailers and to our spiritually-minded community.

The Transparent Tarot, 2nd Edition by Emily Carding

One of the pillars of the RedFeather philosophy has always been to connect with both MBS retailers and consumers where they are at, understand their needs, and produce titles that will suit those needs. That means visiting the mind, body, spirit shops to talk with owners about what their patrons seek. It means connecting with those who live and breathe the categories that both we and they care most about in all of our outreach. We’ve found that building these relationships is the single best way to produce the finest products. Through this process, it was decided that our first venture into non-information based products would be metaphysical bags.

The idea of creating a useful item that could house important things harkened back to one of the reasons that we put so much care into our first Tarot box construction and that, in a word, is honor.

We felt that in order to properly honor the Tarot or any deck we were producing, it was necessary to create a housing that would do that metaphysical tool honor. Just as a carpenter keeps important tools in a toolbox, we felt that these were tools for the spiritual seeker to build their self-awareness and perhaps help others build theirs as well. A proper housing was required, and so it was for the bags we were now choosing to create. It would be necessary for them to honor the contents, but creating a whole new type of product such as metaphysical or “mind, body, spirit” bags was a wholly new venture for us; from proposal to reality, it was a fascinating exploration of a new side of production.

From the start, the goal was to produce bags that would appeal to everyone, particularly fans of some of our favorite decks. In order to adhere to the high standards to which we try and hold ourselves, it was necessary to work closely with our production partners — both domestic and international — on every aspect of construction. That meant numerous fabric samples, embroidery examples and a thorough review of printing effects on the textiles we selected. In the end, for two of our bags we selected durable velboa fabric with a double lining. One red, one black. The red veloba bag features a drawstring and is ideal for any cartomancy deck, and the larger black version features handles and a zipper closure perfect for toting around a variety of metaphysical items. Both are emblazoned with the beautiful flower of life symbol. When it came to our themed bags, we had a bevy of choices, but two options stood out.

Our themed bags are drawstring style and are made of durable, double-lined fabric. Both are perfect for any cartomancy deck. One features the Hermit card image from one of our most popular decks, The Star Tarot 2nd edition, and the other bag features artwork from our most popular deck this year — The Shadowland Tarot. These are but the first two in what will be a series of themed bags featuring artwork from our award-winning line of cartomancy decks. The initial reception to our new bags has been positive and has reinforced our desire to continue moving into additional products and educational services.

RedFeather’s Metaphysical Bags

Over the next few months and into next year we will be introducing our RedFeather Mind, Body, Spirit Educational series that will feature courses that can be taken completely online and feature innovative topics related to cartomancy, Astrology, and other metaphysical topics. Following that, we will create a variety of kits featuring divinatory products and other items to assist consumers on their journey.

Where we go from there will be dictated, as always, by the needs of our community.

RedFeather Mind, Body, Spirit will always adhere to our dedication to helping spirits take flight by creating high quality, unique books, decks, products, and courses on a wide range of categories related to personal transformation, understanding, and empowerment while expanding into an increasingly diverse range of topics related to metaphysics, religion, and spirituality. Always honoring sacred traditions while growing into new realms of spiritual discourse with the goal of helping to foster greater awareness, insight, and understanding. Giving lift to cutting edge, thought-provoking voices in the metaphysical and other diverse communities.

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About the Author:

Christopher R. McClure
Director, RedFeather Mind, Body, Spirit

Christopher R. McClure has been director of RedFeather Mind, Body, Spirit, a leading publisher of divination and metaphysical titles, for three years and with its parent company Schiffer Publishing for over nine. He is an active part of the metaphysical industry both personally and professionally, being the author of the award-winning spiritually themed children’s book The Legend of Papa Balloon.

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