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**Thank you everyone who requested our Wee Witches Coloring Pages PDF–this promotion is over.**

Wee Witches Coloring Pages

Are the kids going stir crazy at home this summer? Need a project to give them that stimulates their creativity, but also want to imbue some spiritual wisdom into the mix? Looking for a fun family activity to share with your children as you celebrate Lammas/ Lughnasa this week?

Ted Enik, the illustrator of Wee Witches — a playful ABC poem and symbolic introduction to the world of Wicca and the magic of Nature — gathered some of his favorite black-and-white sketches from his book with author Beth Roth and created a printable PDF of five whimsical coloring pages to inspire our children to create their own magic! These pages bring to light the Pagan Path, each page featuring a Wee Witch learning about the wheel of the year, tools of the Craft, rites of passage, or faerie friends. A helpful and affirming tool for Pagan families, these pages also offer a gentle introduction to nature as a spiritual path, too.

All you need to do to receive your **FREE** printable (and sharable) PDF is to enter your name and the email you’d like your coloring pages sent to below — that’s it!

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Wee Witches Coloring Pages

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